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Ensuring that your website and all the documents on it are ADA compliant is important. Especially in today’s digital world. The web design experts at Connectica can make sure your website follows all ADA compliance guidelines.

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What Is ADA Compliance?

ADA compliance stems from the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) which is a civil rights law that bans discrimination against any individual with disabilities—this includes what we publish on the internet. A blind, color-impaired, or low-vision user relies on specific formatting to better understand the content on your website.

At Connectica, we can design your website and its content, including PDF files and Word documents, to adhere to the most current ADA compliance standards.



What Is An ADA-Compliant Website?

As part of ADA compliance, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ensure web content access to those with disabilities. Government organization websites are most commonly required to follow specific ADA guidelines.

With that being said, any organization or industry that deals with public life and is open to the public benefits from ADA compliant website design and content services.

Why Is Having An ADA Compliant Website & Content Important?

SEO Performance & Digital Presence: Simply put, having a website that’s ADA compliant has a huge impact on your SEO score. Furthermore, it impacts your rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

ADA compliance is important for your website and all the documents on it. This is because it increases your online visibility and target audience; both of which boost your conversion rate.

Legalities & Guideline Requirements: Title II and Title III of the Americans With Disabilities Act layout certain requirements pertaining to website accessibility. These guidelines apply to state and local government entities, hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, schools, hospitals, pharmacies, daycare facilities, and places of public accommodation or service.

If your business does fall into an industry where ADA compliance is necessary at your physical location, now is a great time to make sure your website and all the documents on it are ADA compliant. It could prevent future penalties and legal action against your company.

Inclusivity: No matter what, you should include everyone when it comes to access to your business or organization’s website and its contents. It doesn’t only show that you care. Modifying access for individuals with physical, sensory, and mental disabilities is just good business practice.


How Can I Make Sure My Website & Documents Are ADA Compliant?

There are a number of different processes that Connectica utilizes to guarantee that your website and content files like PDFs and word docs are ADA compliant; all according to the latest in web accessibility standards.

Analyze & Review The Code: Connectica’s team of ADA compliancy experts and web designers will audit your website’s current code. This allows us to look for areas that could be largely improved from ADA compliant website and content design services.

Determine The Level Of Compliancy: Every industry is different. Depending on your business or organization, you may be mandated to follow more ADA guidelines. Don’t worry about the details, that’s what we’re here for!

Update & Test The Code: After we’ve updated your website, our ADA compliancy experts run numerous tests to ensure optimization and that your new design is working correctly.

Stay Current & Updated On ADA Standards: ADA requirements are always changing, and likely in the not so distant future, they will be even more stringent. Having Connectica in charge of your ADA compliance means knowing that you’ll always be current and up to date with the latest standards.

Fix The Code: First, we will determine how much of your website should be ADA compliant. Second, we will update your site’s code. This is to include all the fundamental ADA accessible features that fit within your industry’s guideline parameters.

What Happens If My Website Isn’t ADA Compliant?

Penalties For Non-Compliance: Did you know that your first violation of ADA compliance can cost upwards of $55,000? Every violation thereafter doubles that amount! Having an ADA compliant website design just makes fiscal sense.

SEO Performance: Like we mentioned before, if your website and content aren’t ADA compliant, your SEO rankings will undoubtedly suffer.

Access For People With Disabilities: Your eliminating a specific target audience that could otherwise help your business. By choosing not to have an ADA compliant website, you’re missing out on potential business, domain authority, and visibility.

Website Accessibility Guidelines: If you’re not implementing any ADA standards in your current web design, you should. You will find it more difficult to keep up when it’s time to make the transition. Not if, but when ADA guidelines change, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the shift.

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