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Search Engine Marketing Company Guide To SEO and SMM

Long gone are the days of posting ads on flyers, in magazines or through word of mouth – we have evolved to an advanced age where digital marketing using search engine marketing companies has taken a grasp on the minds of the consumer. This is a guide on which forms of advertising you would use for your business, whether it is selling lemonade at a Sunday stall or providing an air conditioner repair service, and how an experienced search engine marketing company can help you draw in the consumer.

When it comes to advertising a business, it is difficult to come up with an idea that would get your product or service out into the open for customers to see. Before social media marketing (SMM) arrived search engine optimization (SEO) was by far the leading method in digital marketing as it was top priority for a company to be seated as the number one search result when it came to its product. A recent survey has found that 44% of shoppers online begin their branded product search with a search engine. However, social media users have increased 365% in 6 years, so now we need to decide which would have a bigger impact on our marketing schemes.

The type of online marketing approach you use will depend substantially on what product or service you are offering or trying to promote. Social media marketing works better for certain products or services while search engine optimization works better for others (some products may also work equally well with both types of online marketing). It is best to consult a search engine marketing company to help you decide which route would best suit your needs. However, here is a quick run through on each type of online marketing and which you would use for the type of business you run to get you started:

Search Engine Optimization
The concept of SEO in online marketing is as follows: search engine optimization is used to increase traffic to your website by making use of keywords in order for your website to rank amongst the top searches on search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. Using this kind of marketing gives potential customers a direct link to your website and consumers using search engines are, more often, in need of the product at a more immediate rate. For example, acquiring a car service quote in a certain area would be searched on Google rather than through social media platforms. If your business happened to be ranking highly for that search, your website would be seen as the more preferred option to a customer.

Social Media Marketing
Social media users have increased tremendously over the past few years – this gives search engine marketing companies a great opportunity to get their clients names into public consciousness and exposed to a variety of people at once. However, this is not always a reliable method of marketing. More often than not consumers get irritated with constant spamming of adverts from businesses on their feeds on social networks. Also, you are relying on a customer seeing your advert (that will be displayed to certain users according to their search history) and possibly being interested in it compared to somebody who is actively searching for your product or something similar to it. When it comes to marketing with social media it’s more of an On-The-Spot-Shop. Consumers aren’t really searching for an exact product, if they were, they would just use a search engine. An example of an idea for social media marketing is if you’re on Facebook and there is a page selling humorous shirts that catches your eye, you might click the link to their site to buy a shirt. It was a spontaneous purchase; you weren’t searching for that product.

In the end, the type of online media marketing you choose will be dictated by the type of product you are trying to sell. You can ask yourself: “am I looking for a direct connection with consumers because my product is needed? Or am I trying to reach out to as many people at the same time as possible?” If you can’t answer this question outright or you have decided on a particular type of marketing strategy, contact a professional search engine marketing company to help you get started on your marketing campaign today.

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