Beginner Tips For An Effective SEO Content Strategy

A Beginner’s Guide To SEO Content Strategies


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With almost 60% of all web traffic coming from Google, you can understand why SEO is such an important part of having a good digital marketing strategy.  A major part of SEO is content. Many users search the internet for information so you want to ensure your website provides the information users are looking for that’s the most relevant to your business or industry. Additionally, you want to be sure that your content is also set up for search engines to recognize and deem relevant to the search queries relating to it.  The SEO experts at Connectica have put together some helpful tips to help increase traffic to your website and boost your marketing efforts through relevant content.

Before we dive into the logistics of it all, let’s take a step back and understand the fundamentals of SEO and why it’s so important.

Why Is SEO Important for Content?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of any digital marketing strategy; it’s crucial for increasing your website’s organic search traffic. Search engines like Google exist to help consumers find the answers to their questions. These search engines have algorithms that decide which website content these consumers see first when searching for these answers. SEO is important because it is the process of creating content in a strategic way that works with the algorithm to help it rank higher on these search engine results pages.

Because SEO helps your website content rank higher on these search engine results pages, it ultimately increases traffic to your website. Even if your website is beautiful and well-made, it won’t matter if people can’t find it easily. It’s always going to be important to make sure that your business stands out from the competition, and when it comes to your website, SEO is a necessity.

What To Think About When Creating A Content Strategy?

Now that we’ve established why SEO is critical to helping your content rank higher on Google, let’s explore how to make it effective.

Include White Hat SEO Techniques

White hat SEO refers to the use of techniques that are in line with the general terms and conditions of search engines. These techniques align with the goals of search engines, rather than finding loopholes to exploit an algorithm’s weakness.   

Examples of white hat SEO techniques include:

  • Creating quality and original content
  • Fast loading web pages
  • Mobile friendly content
  • An easy to navigate website
  • Making use of meta tags that are descriptive and keyword rich.

Examples of black hat techniques include:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Spamming forums with backlinks to your site
  • Duplicate content
  • Invisible Text

Though some black-hat techniques may seem beneficial towards ranking in the short-term, they run a high-risk of penalization and a significant drop in rankings through each algorithm update.  Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to get quality content in front of their users.  Search engines are a business.  Their goal is to answer a user’s search query with quality results.  If they deliver poor results to the user, the user will go to a competitor search engine. Aligning with the goals of search engines and creating quality content users are looking for provides a better chance of ranking well and staying at a good ranking long-term.

Create Original and Well-Structured Content

People use Google to find what they’re looking for as fast as possible. As mentioned above, Google wants to make sure that these users are getting the most accurate results. This means that the search engine algorithm is going to rank content higher if it is the most relevant to what the person is searching for. Using SEO writing tips to ensure your content is well-structured with relevant keywords and title tags, makes it easier for the search engine to evaluate what the content is about.

Ensuring that your content is original and not plagiarized is critical to an effective SEO strategy. If Google recognizes duplicate content, it gets confused as to which content is original and which is the copy. Because of this, Google reduces the authority of both pieces of content and ranks them lower on their results pages.

Implement A Human Approach

It is always important to remember that although we are making use of techniques to rank higher on search engines, we are also still trying to attract humans to our website. This means that you want to create content that attracts visitors through a human connection.

Try captivating your audience with a story in a way that still gives them the information they need, articulated in a natural way. Writing or creating content simply for search engine robots may get your rankings up for a short period of time, yes. However, those search engines you are ranking for will notice the amount of people bouncing from your site. This is called a Click-Through-Rate and it’s measured when a user clicks into the website then leaves without any interaction on the page they clicked into. This will show search engines your content is not relevant to their users and your rankings will drop. Remember, search engines are trying to impress their users to keep them coming back.  This means your site has to not only impress the search engine, but also the user.

Stay Up-To-Date With The Latest SEO Techniques

One of the fun things about SEO is that search engines are changing their algorithm constantly. It’s critical to any SEO strategy to make sure you are keeping up with these changes and implementing new techniques all the time. Monitoring this and understanding the importance of technical SEO is a top priority in making sure your website is user friendly.

SEO Experts In Fort Lauderdale

SEO experts say that at least 33% of website traffic is attributed to organic search. So, if you want your website to rank higher, and increase your organic search traffic, then having an effective SEO content strategy is a necessity. Since we don’t all have the time and resources it takes to implement our own effective strategy, why not let the experts help?

If you’re looking to boost your organic search, and want the best results possible, then look no further than our SEO experts at Connectica. Contact us today at 1-877-816-2259 to start your SEO journey!

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