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Content Ideas To Revive Your Instagram

Revive Your Instagram

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There is a multitude of ways to approach advertising. Social media marketing offers a wide range of ways to do so. There is no use in approaching advertising without a creative strategy in mind, otherwise, you may end up simply stating “buy my product,” rather than really capturing your audience.

You need to sustain your viewer’s interest, not just grab their attention! We have tips to help take your Instagram content to that level.

Using Instagram

According to Techcrunch’s Instagram user statistics 2018, Instagram has one billion active users every month. It’s no secret why Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. With its wide range of video, image, filters, captions, stickers, animations, and hashtags, Instagram provides varieties of tools that allow for tons of creative freedom.

With these tools in hand, you can revive your Instagram content in the following ways:

  • Branding

    Have content that is consistent and unique to your company. You need to give your brand a recognizable theme. For example, one brand might frequently use humor by creating clever puns in their content, which gives customers’ satisfaction in ‘decoding’ the message. Another company might frequently use music to accompany their digital posters/flyers, which will then allow customers to associate their brand with that music every time they hear it.

  • Be Engaging

    Engaging with your audience entails a lot more than just posting a product for your audience to see.

    To engage, you need to bring in your audience to interact with your company’s social media. Set up interactive posts that require active thought on part of the audience. For example, ask questions! An ice cream company might ask “what’s your favorite ice-cream? Post your favorite flavor here.” Another example would be to ask your audience to “tag a picture of yourself with our product, and use our hashtag in the caption.” Engaging with the audience will keep them invested not only your products but in your brand in general. Encouraging user interaction makes a company more approachable, and will automatically keep content active as more and more people get involved. The more interaction, the more followers (and the more automatic content generation becomes!)

  • Short But Sweet

    A long blog post is sure to bore readers fast. The days where newspapers were the only form of getting the word out there are gone. In today’s society, people like instant gratification, and therefore want to have the information as soon as possible. A good way to get information across quickly and creatively is to use infographics, short clips/films, and posters. Communicating visually makes the information easily accessible to a wide variety of audience members while sustaining interest!

  • Try Something New

    If you routinely post the same things on your Instagram feed, chances are your audience will become bored very quickly. People are more likely to be interested in your content if you can post a variety of content in a variety of ways, for example using different hashtags, video, image, animation, and illustration. Make sure to check out Instagram’s newer posting features, for example, Instagram TV.

  • Keep Up With Your Audience

    You need to know what your audience likes. Look for competing Instagram accounts and find out what is trending, and perhaps you’ll be able to pick up on a few tips. It’s also handy to ask a professional, and you can find plenty of those at our creative agency, Connectica LLC.

  • Give More

    Some companies can be stingy, but this doesn’t always work in their favor. Teach your audience something by providing some free information. For example, a food brand or restaurant could post a recipe or tutorial that makes use of their product. The point is to give your audience something that they cannot normally access. Other examples include behind-the-scenes posts, the making of a product, interesting backstories or information about the team members, or any other interesting stuff that goes beyond the product.

  • Give Back

    Have giveaways and competitions that users can enter to win a service or product. Entice your users to share posts and re-blog content to enter these competitions, and your content will be spread rapidly. Don’t be afraid to answer people personally, by replying to posts that involve your product or answering questions. The more you are connecting with others, the more you are giving your brand credibility.

  • Be Consistent With Your Posts

    A brand becomes more reputable if they are well-known, and to become well-known, one needs an online presence. Comment on posts, share stories, post more and tag others. As you get more involved, so will your audience!

  • Get Feedback

    Ask your users what they want or what they like. For example, you can ask: “What’s your favorite among our products, and why?” Or “Which service member was most friendly?” Get feedback forms by giving your audience incentives to do so, such as handing out giveaways in exchange for surveys. Encourage constructive criticism and don’t be afraid to allow users to communicate openly on your posts. Learn what works, adjust accordingly, and keep asking for more. Perpetuate the cycle of success!

​​​​​​If you need advice on social media marketing or want more ideas on maintaining an online presence, visit us at Connectica LLC for professional, friendly service.

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