How Geolocation Services Can and Will Help You


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Geolocation Services and You

In the highly competitive world of online business, knowledge really is power. That is why knowing the geolocation of your website’s clientele will give you the edge over your competitors. By keeping track of where your visitors are in real-time you will be able to respond to their actions and needs at that moment rather than reacting to them after the fact. Thanks to the numerous geolocation tools offered by Connectica, you will always be providing up-to-date service to your clients. You will have data that is not only spatially accurate, but also very relevant to your users. Before you can fully reap the benefits of these tracking services, it would be best to learn a bit more about Connectica Inc’s geolocation software and just how beneficial it can really be to you.

What is Geolocation?
Geolocation is the application of tracing software to find out where an IP address visiting your website originated from in the real-world. Information such as the country, state, province and even the zip/postal Code can be extracted from a user’s IP address by using various analytical tools. This would mean that any site that uses geolocation services would be able to place users in a spatial context and accurately respond to their location. On top of this, you will have access to who the ISP is and what the Top Level Domain is.

How Geolocation can Help Optimize your Website
The implications of gaining all this information are as limitless as your vision for your site. Knowing where the majority of your users come from will allow you to better target your services to their unique location and other factors that apply to this specific audience. Adjusting your content according to the locations of visitors will allow you to change displayed advertisements as well as account for other discrepancies, such as language, time-zone, etc. This will mean every user will have access to pages, ads and offers, relevant to their immediate vicinity and context. Not only does this enrich each user’s experience but also attracts investors and advertisers who are interested in the same target market to your website and business. An added bonus of knowing your visitor’s general address is that any mailing details entered can very easily be confirmed and verified.

What of User Privacy?
If you have any worries over invading your user’s privacy: don’t! Connectica is proud to declare that its software is completely non-invasive and yet it is still highly accurate. The data used is gathered from an IP database that is open to anyone and everyone. Since no information is directly taken from users, the need for cookies and privacy waivers is unnecessary! However, keep in mind that this does not make the data produced any less useful or beneficial. On the contrary, it simply means you’re gaining much more from just a few, free lines of info.

Hopefully by now you are starting to have a better idea of just how drastically the capabilities of geolocation can help you and your business. The potential you will wield is as exponential as the results you will yield. Everything is perfectly suited to its audience; no ad or webpage shall go to waste. Quality will always be guaranteed. So, don’t delay – get placed in the world today!

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