Using Facebook & Instagram To Sell Your Products & Services

Selling Products & Services Through Facebook & Instagram


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If you are in the business owner camp of not channeling your inner social media, web and digital marketing influence, then the newest trend in social media marketing might nudge you in the right direction!

We have come across many businesses who are excited about getting their online presence flowing, however, we have also met an array of business owners who have previously not been interested in using social media or moving their marketing efforts online. Either way, it is safe to say these days, that if you’re a business without an online presence, you might want to consider it simply based on the ‘shopping’ trend on various popular platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Sell Your Products On Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are now making customer shopping available on their business profile setups. This means that customers who find you on social media, can immediately purchase your product directly from the platform, there is no need for them to lift a finger, other than to ‘tap’ and ‘purchase.’

Aside from the obvious convenience of this function, we already know how the e-commerce world has taken our shopping climate by storm. Companies such as UPS, have even rebranded in recent years. This is simply to keep up with the growing trend of buying and selling products and services online. Since Covid-19, the number of stores who have been forced to move online is astounding.

What Does This Mean For My Content Strategy?

Having a great content strategy is very important, especially if you want to leverage these great shop features. Your content strategy will not only draw eyes to your products and services, but the algorithms will pick up that you are authoritative when you have great engagement, this means your posts will be favored and more people will see your products.

If you are ready to move your marketing online, you should get in touch with our team of digital marketing experts. With years of experience and team of professionals, we witness our clients grow in influence, confidence and revenue on a daily basis.

We know how to get you value for your investment. Let’s connect if this is something you need help with.

How Does It Work?

Getting your products to sell online, first requires your business to have an account on Facebook and on Instagram. If you already have accounts, that is awesome! It might be time to leverage and gear your marketing strategy in a new way.

Below are some of the features for shopping through social media.

Facebook & Instagram Shop Features

Whether you are selling from an Etsy shop, or you are selling products and services from your home or brick and mortar shop, Facebook and Instagram are a great way to feature products, highlight sales and promote your newest arrivals. While people browse through your Facebook posts or Instagram gallery, they can purchase something simply by clicking on the image they like.

Live Shopping

These innovative platforms are currently working on the availability of shopping through Facebook or Instagram Live videos. Soon you will be able to click while watching a Live TV show; the next thing you know there’s a delivery person at your doorstep.

Online Shopping Partners & Loyalty Programs

Facebook is looking to partners who are already moving in the e-commerce world. This is to assist users who open up their shop doors inside the platforms. Big names such as Shopify, WooCommerce and many more will potentially be part of the social media shopping experience very soon.

Get In Touch With Connectica Today

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