Discover The Value of Strong SEO Keywords and Research

The Importance of Strong SEO Keywords & Research

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral part of marketing strategies across industries – and with good reason! SEO has the power to increase organic traffic, improve credibility and help businesses rank with Google. What many people don’t realize is that strong SEO keywords and conducting keyword research are fundamental to an effective SEO strategy.

The first step is to understand what a strong SEO keyword is, and then the benefits can be uncovered. An experienced digital marketing agency will be able to offer professional SEO services, including keyword research.

What Are SEO Keywords?

An SEO keyword is a word or phrase that is typed into the search bar by users to find the type of content they are searching for.

Imagine that you are searching for an inexpensive hairdresser in your local area. What would you do?

Studies show that 91% of adults will use search engines to find information about a product or service. This means that you’re most likely to open the internet and type “affordable hairdresser in Tampa” or a similar phrase. The businesses that appear at the top of the search results have optimized their content for that phrase, producing information that meets user intent.

In this instance, the words “affordable hairdresser in Tampa” are the SEO keywords that should be targeted by hairdressers in the area.

Keyword research describes the process of finding and choosing the best combination of words that will help a business rank in search engines. There are several tools and software solutions that help determine the best keywords with the highest chance of a conversion. Ideally, you want to target each page of your website towards a different keyword that is relevant to to not only your business but also the content on that specific page. Through your keyword research, you should be able to find multiple keywords that describe your business so you can attract users who search different variations of your service or products.

What Makes An SEO Keyword Strong?

Not all SEO keywords are created equal. There are a few considerations to keep front of mind when choosing your keywords and incorporating them into the content. Consider the following checklist as a starting point.

  • Relevance

    Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and consider what they would type into Google. You want to make sure the keywords you choose to target are relevant to what your customers will use to search for your services as well as to your business itself. Relevance is also important to match the intent of users. If you rank for a keyword but don’t provide the right content that users are looking for, they will leave your site without interaction which will increase your bounce rate and decrease your rankings.

  • Competitive Edge

    Assess the keywords that your competitors are targeting, especially those that are ranking well. Competitor analysis can help you not only see what your competition is ranking for, it also may help you see if you missed any keyword ideas to target for your own site. It is important to know what your competitors are doing so you can compete at their level or above.

  • Long-Tail Keywords

    A combination of three or more words or phrases are less competitive and more specific. Long-tail keywords are great when creating blog article topics. These can be very specific to the content. Creating a blog article about a specific question customers frequently ask is a great example of this. It not only targets the full question in the search engine, but can also help towards voice search.

  • Keyword Research Tools

    Various tools exist to highlight potential keywords that promise high volume and low competition. These tools help not only get the metrics of the keywords you put in, but can also provide you with other similar keywords and their metrics. Knowing the metrics of the words or phrases you want to target provide value to that word or phrase so you know what to spend more time and energy creating content for.

  • Performance

    Analyze the results of your chosen keywords and work on constantly improving them. From the way users search to how search engines rank results, Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing. You need to make sure your website and content can handle these changes and be ready to update if needed. For example, searches used to be geared more towards a single keyword, whereas, with the growing popularity of voice search, long-tail keywords or phrases are becoming more popular. You definitely want to make sure you keep up-to-date with the changes and trends of digital marketing to keep your content relevant.

A combination of these factors can improve the strength of your keywords and increase your chance of ranking.

Feeling overwhelmed?

An expert SEO agency will be well-acquainted with various tools and insights that leverage the power of strong keywords. The use of strong keywords is an important SEO practice for niche markets as well as widely available services. Experts will know how to make the most of strategic keywords.

Once you’ve chosen strong keywords, you need to apply them thoughtfully to your content. For example, insert the keyword into your URL, title tags, and meta description. Introduce the target keyword at the beginning of your content and use similar phrases throughout the rest of the copy.

The Benefits Of Strong SEO Keywords And Research

Are you wondering why it’s necessary to go through the effort of conducting keyword research and choosing strong target words?

Keywords are foundational building blocks of successful SEO, and a little bit of effort can make a big impact. There are many benefits of using strong SEO keywords including, but not limited, to the following perks.

  • Increased chance of organic ranking with Google
  • Meet user intent (and increase the time spent on a page, the number of page visits, and increase the chance of conversions)
  • Target specific demographics and geographical locations
  • Build brand authority
  • Solve a specific problem experienced by your target audience

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