Top Tips For Infographics That Actually Attract Readers

How To Design The Best Infographics (& Drive Traffic!)

Best Infographics

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Infographics are charts, graphs, and statistics presented in a visual manner to viewers to make information easier to process, and they’re all the rage.

Search Engine Journal has reported that infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text-only articles. In response to this, more brands have turned to infographics to appeal to the fast pace that readers expect when they peruse content online. However, this has created an excess of infographics that can come across as repetitive and gimmicky to viewers.

The following tips can help combat this to create content that will help you engage with readers and boost your traffic.

Know Your Audience

The first and most important step of creating engaging infographics involves investigating your audience to find out what information would appeal to them.

Before you can begin building your infographics, you have to know more about who you want to see them. Become acquainted with your audience and understand what gaps of information presentation they have experienced so you can fill that gap. Account for disparities in numerical literacy across your audience if you are presenting statistical information and targeting broad groups.

best infographics

Create Originality That Counts

“Be original” is the simplest piece of advice for creating infographics that stand out amid the sea of trendy typography, charts, and numerical presentation. But achieving “originality” is more nuanced than that. It involves tailoring to your audience’s palate and playing off brand-specific aesthetics to ensure consistency across your visuals.

Present surprising information they might not find elsewhere. Tell them something they didn’t know or something they never knew they should know.

best infographics

Use Patterns

Originality is most important in making identifiable, on-brand infographics, but you should also use techniques that you know have been working in the broader market.

Use certain buzzwords, find the right hashtags, and present information on hot topics that your audience cares about to make your content more relevant. Flag your readers’ interest early on in the infographic to entice them to learn more, then expand on this through the content.

According to a study conducted by the Wharton School of Business, people retain 80% of what they see and do and 20% of what they read. Optimize this to make your brand more memorable and keep consumers coming back.

Reinforce Your Brand

You want to convey something important to your consumers and simultaneously boost your traffic.

Incorporate brand-specific methods to do that. Use your logo, color palette, and other elements that you’ve previously established as part of your brand. Give your readers something to recognize and remember when they see your graphics. This may first require creating a theme for your brand if you don’t already have one.

Once you establish this, being original with your infographics will be easier because your brand’s uniqueness will speak for itself.

best infographics

Keep It Simple

An overcomplicated presentation will turn readers off before they’ve even fully taken in the content of the infographic. Consumers want information presented concisely, cleanly, and quickly, otherwise, their attention will turn elsewhere.

That being said, oversimplifying your graphics will make them useless to consumers. Stay in the safe range of streamlined but not lacking information.

In the same vein, keep your graphics headlines simple and not too wordy. If we’re talking about the necessity of grabbing readers’ attention, you need to hook them with something communicative about the information you’re presenting and just ambiguous enough to leave them wanting to know more. This applies to the content as well. You’re creating an infographic, meaning it should contain information but present that information visually. Use readable pictograms, graphs, charts, and designs.

Take The Reins

Armed with this knowledge, you can work toward creating infographics that will progress your brand’s engagement and capitalize on the visual interest of your readers. If you want to learn more from experts about how to begin this process, Connectica can partner with your leadership to develop an individualized approach to handling your brand’s social media and marketing strategies. Contact Connectica today at 877-816-2259 for more information.

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