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Why Is Search Engine Optimization So Important?

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One of the single most important aspects of creating a firm presence, in today’s cutthroat world, for your business is through investing in an organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Having an excellent SEO strategy in place will not only work toward establishing a solid online marketing system for you and your business, but will also cement your brand and online presence.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Search engine optimization is defined as the process of affecting the visibility of a website or page in the unpaid or organic search results of a search engine such as Google. Basically put, SEO aims to boost a particular website or web page to the top spots of an online search when somebody searches for something relating to that page. Naturally everyone wants to be on the first page of a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo because those are the websites that get clicked first and with the most frequency. With all this in mind it quickly becomes evident how powerful SEO can be for people who use their websites for attracting business.

Why is it so important?
Your website is a 24/7 business that operates even when you cannot. Not only does it work to get your business seen and attract new clientele, but it also serves to keep your current customers in touch and coming back for more. It is for all these reasons that you need to constantly be on top of the SEO game. However, this is by far easier said than done. Search engines use complex and ever changing algorithms to decide which pages or websites make it to the top positions of their search results. If you consider that a search engine company like Google employs a full time staff of experts all holding PhD’s to expand and update their algorithms on almost a daily basis, you will quickly realize that getting your site to the top of the search results is an almost impossible job.

But don’t despair! If you are truly invested in utilizing your website to its full potential you can find the help you need through a dedicated Search Engine Optimization company.

Quality v Quantity
It is also important to be very aware of the difference between good Search Engine Optimization techniques and bad Search Engine Optimization techniques. Bad Search Engine Optimization can actually be harmful to you, your business and your website. There are many signs of bad Search Engine Optimization that you can look out for such as:

  • High backlink numbers over a small time period: Often companies will offer hundreds of low quality backlinks, which can lead to your site being penalized
  • Abundance of hastily manufactured content: Poor quality, keyword stuffed content written at high rates (or what we like to refer to as “content spam”)
  • Instead of building up your reputation and ranking, some SEO companies will attempt to attack your competitors and lower their ranking or get them penalized. This is what is known as negative SEO and is highly frowned upon by search engines such as Google
  • Offers of little to no monthly maintenance that is implemented with no supervised co-ordination and oversight
  • The promise of almost instant ranking results, likes, shares and traffic

On the other hand good Search Engine Optimization techniques take a little more time to get your site ranking in the search engines but will ultimately establish a solid foundation for continual business growth and conversions in the long run. SEO should be seen as a marathon and not a sprint. Good SEO will take time but will last, especially if monitored and constantly updated by an experienced and professional SEO company. The fact of the matter is that Search Engine Optimization is a long-term investment that, with enough patience, will wield a high return for you and your business.

The bottom line
Strong SEO is important because it:

  • Creates a correlation between investment and revenue
  • Builds trust & credibility in your business
  • Helps searchers find your site
  • Is an essential element of a good marketing campaign
  • Influences the research/buying cycle
  • Increases the impact of your business overall
  • Builds and develops your brand
  • Drives offline sales
  • Boosts conversion potential by attracting relevant traffic

A SEO Company That Works for You
Connectica Inc strives to provide you and your business with the highest quality SEO services at affordable rates. We pride ourselves in our integrity and commitment to good SEO tactics. We monitor and maintain your search engine optimization on a daily basis, all year long. We keep ourselves and your website up to date on the newest algorithm changes, negative and positive ranking factors, and search engine trends. When you choose Connectica Inc you choose a team dedicated to designing or enhancing your online marketing and SEO strategy. Connectica Inc is all about quality over quantity, open communication with our clients, and getting your business to the top.

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