Important Factors To Consider Before You Build A Website

Top Tips To Build A Website

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We live in a digital age where competition for business is fierce. One effective way to increase brand awareness and boost your business is to build a website. There are still businesses that do not believe that they need a professional website, but the benefits are countless.

Key Reasons To Build A Website

  • Credibility

    Potential customers searching online are more likely to find out about your existence, your location, your services, and testimonials through a website. By providing information that a potential client is looking for, you are increasing the credibility of your business.

  • An Investment That Saves Time and Money

    Although there is an initial cost in building a professional website, it does save money in the long run. Time is also a valuable commodity, and a website helps save time by providing initial information to your clients online.

  • Keep Customers Informed

    A professional website is an easy and effective way to keep your customers informed with any updates or changes to the company. Websites also keep customers informed of services, hours, location, or any other frequently asked question they may have.

  • Convenient Accessibility

    A website does not have the limitation of business hours. Potential customers can visit your website and find out more about you regardless of the day or time. Depending on the type of business that you have, you can even conduct business on the website, example e-commerce or booking appointments.

  • Target a Wider Audience

    All that is needed to visit a website is an internet connection. This means that you can reach a global audience, without the limitations of location.

  • Improve Customer Service

    A website is a great platform to improve your customer service, adding value to their lives. This can be done via sharing tips, a FAQ page or a blog.

build a website

Important Factors To Consider

As a website costs money to initially build, it is important to consider various factors before beginning the process.

  • Technicalities

    Deciding on a domain name, a hosting package, and a website development company are key considerations at the start of a project. You should hire a company that is reliable, effective, and involves you in the process.

  • Audience and Platform

    Defining your audience and goals will determine what platform you choose. Your ultimate goal will have an effect on the design of the website, the navigation, and the content.

  • Mobile-Friendly and Responsiveness

    More than 50 percent of Google searches are done on mobile. This means that your website needs to be mobile-friendly and responsive. A responsive website is vital for a positive user experience. In addition, Google’s latest search algorithm insists on a mobile-friendly site for improved search results.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO is a vital element of marketing. All content should be created with SEO front of mind. SEO techniques need to be incorporated into every element of the website. Writing authoritative content and including keywords are two simple ways to boost the SEO ranking of your website.

  • Design Goals

    The design of your website should be focused on enhancing your user experience, whilst providing important information. A design should be attractive, readable, understandable, and have intuitive navigation.

  • Navigation

    Your website will have an increased bounce rate if your user experience is not easy to navigate. Small, but important, elements such as a search icon, a navigation bar, and flowing content all contribute to an improved overall user experience.

  • Quick Loading Time

    Another way to reduce your website’s bounce rate is to make sure that your website does not have a delayed loading time. This can be done by removing any unnecessary large elements such as pictures and videos, and optimizing those that are on the site.

There are multiple things to consider before designing a website that will ensure that users find your site, stay on your site, and have a memorable experience with your company. These are just a few factors to consider, but there are more. Getting in touch with a professional website company, such as Connectica, will relieve this stress and work alongside you to meet all of your website goals.

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