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Instagram For Business

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According to Statista, there were 815 million Instagram users around the world in 2019, which was projected to grow to nearly 1.2 billion by 2023. It’s safe to say that using Instagram for small businesses is somewhat of an essential part of your social media marketing strategy.

No matter what your target audience is, you are bound to connect with some interesting and profitable networks using Instagram. With so many users, and the growth projection so high, it’s worth leveraging a solid, on-brand Instagram strategy for your small business. It also does not need to take you too much time or cost too much to outsource content creation and planning.

Share your KPIs and marketing goals with an end-to-end digital marketing team like Connectica. We have your digital marketing goals at hand and will help you increase your digital footprint on the web and across social media platforms.

The Benefits Of Using Instagram For Small Business

Some of the top benefits of using Instagram, as a small business are:

  • Content is image or video focused which narrows down content creation strategy.
  • It’s easy to use hashtags and broaden your network with trends.
  • Instagram is free and effective, depending on how you use it.
  • Get more exposure for your business online.
  • Boost your content marketing and gain brand awareness.
  • Drive followers to your website to make sales.

Top 7 Tips For Using Instagram

We have compiled our top 7 tips for using Instagram in your small business social media marketing plan. Take a look at them below:

1) Understand Your Instagram Audience

The best thing you can do on Instagram is to gain an understanding of who you are trying to reach using the platform. Do some research and decide on the types of users who you’d most like to engage with. Engagement is a key metric, so don’t buy your followers. You want to find the people who will engage with your content and value your brand.

2) Know Your Niche And How To Reach Them

Refine your audience down depending on your niche. The narrower you can make your desired following the more you’ll generate what we call ‘organic’ engagement. Try not to shoot too broadly when using Instagram, hone in and save your resources for those who will engage and provide a decent return on your time investment in the platform.

3) Explore Types Of Content

There are many different types of content that will work on Instagram. Carousel posts get great engagement if they are designed intentionally and well thought out. Instagram is primarily a photo and video application. You can use Canva to create some quick videos and creative mp4 content types which should resonate with your chosen audience. Look at reels, IGTV videos, Instagram shopping, polls, and other engagement tools.

4) Create A Production And Posting Strategy

Quality content and posting consistently is key to attracting the right audience to your business page. The best thing to do is to plan your content themes and then decide on how and when you’ll spend the time producing that content and publishing it. Think through the production, posting, engagement, and then measurement strategy. It won’t be worth it unless you’re willing to look at your content insights on Instagram and tweak the strategy so that you reach the right people.

5) Follow Key Accounts

Take some time to follow other pages on Instagram. Look for the people who post content that is within your business interest, who you’d like to possibly collaborate with, and pages that you admire and can glean ideas from.

6) Social Media And Competitor Listening

Social media listening is an important step when you’re planning on using a specific platform. Spend some time “listening” to the trends and what others are saying on social media. Take the time to look at your competitor pages and see what they are posting about as well. In time you’ll find that you can engage with other brands through your page which could expand your network and attract more followers.

7) Set Your Profile Up Right

As a business, you need to make sure that your page is set up as a ‘business page’ and then connect it to your Facebook page as well. Make sure you optimize it for business purposes. You may put your contact details in your bio, your branding as your profile image, and then an inspiring tagline. Make sure your website link is also available in your bio.

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If you are on the fence when it comes to the latest marketing trends and using social media for your small business, you have come to the right place. Use our FREE SEO report, read our blog for more insights on digital marketing and get in touch with our team for more information. For help with your digital marketing, social media marketing, and content creation strategy, give us a call at 877-816-2259.

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