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Website Design: Template vs Custom

Website Design

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Creating a website for your business can seem like a difficult and daunting challenge, especially if you don’t know your HTML from your CMS. Options and functions abound with different costs, formats and features all offering something else. We take a closer look at website design comparing template websites to custom-built ones, in order to determine how they differ, and which one is the right fit for your business.

What is a Template Website?

A template website takes the hard work out of designing a website. The most common way to use a template website is through WordPress. Once you’ve started your website, you can then choose from a variety of template websites or themes associated with the site. These websites offer a range of templates that you can purchase.

As template website designs usually come with built-in options, this gives the user some ability to customize. But the downside is that this can cause the website to slow down in two important areas: SEO reach and load speed. In addition, the customizability is limited for anything that is considered more complex on the website.

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A template design means that you won’t be able to choose every aspect of the website to fit in with your brand. So, you may have to have some designs, features and functions that wouldn’t be your first choice. A “solution” to rectify this is to hire a web developer to change these features. But bear in mind that when WordPress or your theme updates, your website may encounter some issues in the backend, because of competing features.

Pros of Using Website Templates

  • Templates are ideal if your budget is small.
  • Websites can be built in a shorter amount of time.
  • You don’t need to have any coding experience to create a website, if you go the template route.

Cons of Using Website Templates

  • You might be using the same template as many other businesses or even similar competition. This doesn’t help your site stand out in the already saturated market.
  • There is a limit on how much you can customize on a template website.
  • Users may encounter display issues based on their device.
  • Template websites may need to be customized to be search engine friendly, as they don’t have that built-in feature, which is an important part of gaining traction and reach.
  • Template websites usually don’t offer the same level of support as customized websites.

What is a Custom-Built Website?

Custom-built websites are a collaborative effort, involving a creative process that discusses and pinpoints your target market, where your reach should go, how the website looks and the functions you need to align with your business goals.

As SEO is such an important aspect of website design, custom-built websites are very particular about addressing the rules and functions behind SEO. A developer optimizes the website while it’s being created, in order for every page to be seen by search engines, and helping your site to be ranked accordingly. This means that they can take longer to come into being.

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Pros of Using a Custom-Built Website

  • Your website will be uniquely yours, with every feature and design customized to suit your brand and business. This helps it to make it more memorable and original, in comparison to other sites.
  • Custom-built websites tend to be more search engine friendly than template websites.
  • Custom-built means that your site is tested to work on all devices and browsers, ideal for audience reach.
  • A custom-built website has the ability to grow with your business. This means things can be added on at a later stage that won’t compromise on features already installed.
  • With content management system (CMS) built into your website, you’ll be able to update it from anywhere.

Cons of Using a Custom-Built Website

  • Custom-built websites usually take longer than templates because everything needs to be designed from scratch, and involves a complex process. However, as all your site needs will be addressed from the start, you won’t have to worry about add-ons and fixing functions that don’t suit your business at a later stage.
  • Custom-built websites can cost slightly more than their template alternative, but you will have a one-of-a-kind unique website that no one else has.

With all these favorable factors, and with cost only being just a little more than a template, make the smart choice today by going for a custom-built website. Designed by a team of professionals, you’re guaranteed the best website that address all your branding needs. Call us now at 1-877-816-2259 to get started on building your business online today!

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