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Why Social Media Marketing Is A Good Investment

Social Media Marketing

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Long gone are the days where marketing investments are only for large businesses with big budgets. In today’s world, small businesses can invest in digital marketing strategies, like social media marketing, that are far more cost-effective than traditional marketing strategies. Effective marketing strategies are a great way to attract new customers and grow your business. If you have a small business with a limited marketing budget, then look no further than starting with a brilliant social media strategy.

Social media marketing is a versatile and cost-effective strategy and is used by 97% of marketers all over the world. Let’s take a deeper look into why every business should be utilizing it to build your brand.

1. Customers Use It

One of the main reasons every business should be on social media is because it’s an easy way for your customers to find you.

Recent statistics show that 70% of people in the U.S. have at least one social media profile and are checking it at least once a day. That means that with so many people active on various platforms, it is a great opportunity for businesses to reach more of their target audience online. Creating a strong online presence for your brand allows potential customers to easily find and engage with you, turning more leads into customers.

2. Increases Brand Loyalty

Social media is an effective way to develop strong relationships with customers that result in greater customer loyalty over time.

Social media marketing is great for smaller businesses as the greatest cost involved is your time. Usually larger companies can afford customer loyalty programs, using discounts or gifts, which encourage the customers to keep coming back. Smaller businesses, with a much smaller budget, can make use of social media to engage with their audience on a personal level, and make use of customer competitions to build strong relationships and generate greater brand awareness.

By using social media to share compelling conversation and content with your audience, you can personify your brand and make it more relatable to your intended target audience. This marketing strategy is great for small businesses to turn customers into advocates for your brand.

Review some helpful tips on how social media can help you build a strong brand identity.

3. Customers Use It To Read Product Reviews

Studies show that 68% of consumers go to social media to read product reviews to help them make a purchasing decision, and that 90% of consumers say that positive online reviews have influenced their buying decisions.

These statistics suggest that consumers are actively seeking product reviews, and that these reviews guide their buying decisions. Social media platforms such as Facebook allow verified customers to leave a review of your brand, or a particular product or service. Great customer reviews are like free advertising for your business that can help many customers make a buying decision a lot faster. Having an online social media presence is great for small business owners to create free traction by allowing customers to leave reviews.

4. Helps Create Brand Authority

Creating a strong social media presence is an important step in effectively positioning your brand as a market leader, ahead of its competitors.

Social media give brands the platform to share valuable content to their target audience. The more valuable and engaging your content is, the more authority your brand will have. Having a strong social media presence increases your chances of customers sharing their love of your brand to others which will help build your brand authority even more.

An effective social media marketing strategy includes creating engaging content that encourages other users to advocate for your brand on their own platforms, which will help make your brand seem more valuable.

5. Gain Better Customer Insights

By engaging with your target audience on social media, your business can gain insight into what their interests are.

Brands can use social listening in multiple ways. For example, you can watch and listen to what your customers are talking about to better the content you share. Another way that social listening can improve your brand, is to learn what feedback your customers are sharing about your brand specifically and improve on it.

Additionally, you can make use of social media analytics to better understand the consumer behavior of your target market. Platforms like Facebook allow you to see which types of content are the most popular within your target audience, as well as see insight into the analytics of your own posts. You can then see how well certain campaigns are doing and have a better idea of where to spend your marketing efforts.

Build A Social Media Marketing Strategy With Connectica

There are many reasons your business should invest in a social media strategy, and there are a few expert techniques to use when executing on this strategy to build a better social media presence for your brand. Our digital marketing experts at Connectica can help you develop and execute a strategy for your business. Our team knows what it takes to develop and maintain a thriving social media presence for small businesses across the country. To find out more, check our website, or give us a call at 877-816-2259 to discuss your service needs.

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