The Benefits Of Instagram Stories Templates For Your Business

Why You Should Use Stories & Templates For Your Instagram Marketing

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So, you have decided that Instagram is the best social media platform for your business. You sign up for an account, everything seems to be going well when suddenly you are hit with a question “why aren’t you using Instagram Stories?”. What are Instagram Stories? How do they work? The short answer is that they are a crucial element to your Instagram marketing plan and learning to use it is as simple reading this article. So, let’s get into some more detail…

What Are Instagram Stories?

When Instagram launched its Stories feature in 2016, influencers and businesses around the world grabbed it with both hands, because it allowed them to share their magical, fleeting moments without cluttering the feed.

Instagram Stories are now a household business tool which deserves to feature in your digital marketing strategy.

The feature allows you to share ephemeral content which disappears after 24 hours. Each image or video that you upload is called a story, and every upload is saved under your profile photo, which is displayed in a bar right above your follower’s feed.

Whenever you share a new story, a colored ring appears around your profile picture. Anyone who wants to view it can simply tap on your photo, and the content will expand to fill the screen. Users can also go directly to your account and view your stories by tapping on your profile photo.

What does this mean for your business? Allow us to tell you more.

instagram marketing

How Instagram Stories Can Benefit Your Business

Even though Instagram stories vanish after 24 hours, they play a vital role at representing your brand. It is therefore important for them to tie in with your brand’s overall image. Something as simple as integrating your company’s color palette into your stories, can do wonders for your Instagram identity.

These days, more people browse through stories than the feed because it’s easier and more interactive. Stop users in their tracks and make them look forward to browsing through your stories. Inspire them to share your amazing updates with their own networks.

Unlike the polished images usually displayed in profile grids, stories offer an inside story to the brand. They are a chance to add more authenticity to your Instagram presence.

Make your clients feel like they know you better by sharing behind the scenes content. Give a sneak peek into a new range of products, add a location so your followers know where you are, or tag another account so fans can know who you are collaborating with. There endless ways of drumming up interest and brand awareness through Instagram stories.

Strengthen Your Marketing with Instagram Stories Templates

Don’t just stop at simple uploads from your camera roll. Create eye-catching, coherent content with the help of well-designed templates. Use Instagram Stories templates to excite your audience and keep them wanting more.

Place your video inside a frame to make it stand out more. Connect it with the rest of your company’s branding by adding your logo or a fun caption in a font used on your website or other marketing material. Make more people remember and recognize your business by taking advantage of Instagram Stories templates.

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Benefits of Using Templates on Your Stories

Effective Instagram story templates create consistency, increase engagement, save money and improve brand recognition.

  • Consistency and Increased Engagement

    Preparing stories to publish at scheduled times ensures that you have regular content to share with your followers. On-the-moment footage is at the heart of Instagram Stories, but don’t let that limit you.

    Predictability has its perks. When your followers know that you post regularly, they start to expect content from you. This is perfect, because it means that they will visit your profile to catch up on your latest uploads.

  • Time Saving

    Designing beautiful graphics from scratch can be time-consuming. By having a collection of templates that require minor tweaking before uploading, you save yourself lots of time which can be used to tackle other marketing tasks.

  • Brand Recognition

    By being consistent with your colors, you could increase your brand recognition by up to 80%. When your visitors know your brand colors on Instagram, they will be able to identify your business in other places too, like Facebook or YouTube. The more familiar you become to your followers, the more likely they are to do business with you.

Do You Need Help With Marketing Your Brand on Instagram?

If you need help increasing engagement and solidifying your brand identity on Instagram, we would love to assist you. At Connectica LLC, we help a broad range of businesses stay on top of their online marketing game, through engaging content, great designs, and customized strategies.

Our skilled graphic designers will create templates that complement your company’s image and attract new audiences at the same time. Talk to us, so we can understand what you want, and design a social media marketing strategy to achieve just that.

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