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15 SEO Blog Topic Ideas For Roofers

SEO for roofers

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If you’re a roofer, you may not think your website needs an SEO blog. After all, your main job is to repair and maintain rooftops: that’s a lot of work! Who has time for a blog on top of that? Will people actually be interested in reading a blog about topics pertaining to roofing?

Yes, but perhaps not in the way you’d think.

Why is Having an SEO Blog Important for Roofing Company Websites?

You may be surprised to find out that having a blog on your roofing website goes a long way for boosting your website traffic: or as experts call it, SEO for roofers. When we write blogs for SEO, we’re technically writing for search engines that are routinely indexing the content found on your website. While people will read and see your blog content, it’s most important that Google, Bing, and others find it valuable so they can send searchers to your page. Roofing SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to the search terms that people use to find your website on Google. Common search terms might include “repairing a leaky roof” or “how to prepare my roof for hurricane season.”

As a business, you have a golden opportunity to attract an audience by taking advantage of these SEO terms. The more you have them peppered throughout your website, the more likely it is to have your website show up higher on Google results. And that means converting Google searchers into customers. An active blog is a great way to include popular search terms in a way that is approachable and organic.

Read on to learn more about SEO for roofers, and how an SEO blog can benefit your business.

An Engaging Blog Builds Trust

Trust is everything when it comes to your business reputation. While it’s expected for a business website to have basic information such as a phone number, email address, hours of operation, and services provided, having a blog goes an extra step. It’s your way to “talk” to your audience in a more relational way. You can set aside the professional hat, so to speak, without sacrificing your expertise.

When you take the time to post about leaky roofs, roofing materials, or when to contact a professional instead of trying to fix it yourself, you’re essentially saying: I’m more than a brand, I’m a human. People love authenticity and relatability – even if they know absolutely nothing about roofing!

Show Your Knowledge in an Organized Way

There’s so much to say about roofing services – so much that having all that information on a “services” page could cause a reader’s eyes to glaze over. Too much text on a landing page is not only bad for Google rankings; it can cause viewers to skim and miss critical information. A blog post with categories or a “search” feature allows viewers to search for a specific topic or issue without having to scroll through information that is irrelevant to their problem.

Share News More Easily

Have an employee of the month you want to highlight? Reach a new business goal? Want to convince new high school graduates why trade careers are a viable option? An SEO blog is a great way to do that. You can use more words than what is allowed on Twitter or Instagram, and the link can be easily shared among those who may not be active on certain platforms.

Help People with Specific Problems

If someone wants to know how to detect and fix a leak, or what materials are best for building a new roof, a blog can provide that information. You also have an opportunity to explain why certain issues require a professional, for one’s own safety. Include a link to your contact page at the end, and you may see readers convert into customers!

Blog Topic Ideas for Roofers & Roofing Companies

If you need some ideas to get your SEO blog started, consider the following:

  • Leaky roof fixes
  • Best roofing materials
  • Preparing your roof for hurricane season
  • When to call a professional
  • When does a roof need to be replaced?
  • Rooftop gardens 101
  • Flat roofs vs. slanted roofs
  • Why you should consider a career as a roofer
  • How to extend the life of your roof
  • Gutter maintenance 101
  • Creating a rooftop patio
  • Different roofing styles and aesthetics
  • Solar rooftop panels: worth it?
  • All about rooftop skylights
  • Best material for roofing shingles

Search engines are getting smarter with every algorithm update. When coming up with topic ideas for your roofing blog, it’s important to write for your location so make sure to take that into consideration. For example, if you live in a tropical climate like Miami, you won’t need to talk about snow or ice in gutters because it’s not relevant to South Florida. However, if you’re a roofing company in Detroit, Michigan, your topics should be centered around what potential customers are searching for in your geographic location. For example, “Here’s how snow can damage your roof.”

SEO For Roofers in South Florida

Need help with website traffic for your roofing business? Connectica specializes in SEO for roofers! We have more than a decade of experience helping roofing companies like yours attract more potential customers and rank higher than their competitors. Contact us today at 877-816-2259 to learn more about how we can elevate your digital footprint.

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