Tips And Tricks For Keeping Visitors On Your Website

How To Keep Visitors On Your Website Longer

Keep Visitors On Your Website

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We like to believe that our websites are the best out there no matter the products or services offered. They may be the apple of our eye, but none of that matters if we can’t keep people on our website for more than a few minutes. The average person visits a specific page for less than a minute – unless the content captures their attention.

Getting people to read more than a quarter of the text on any page has been a difficult task since the dawn of Google. But there are some simple, yet important, digital marketing tips and tricks that can help keep visitors on your website for longer. Let’s take a look at some:


Content makes up the bulk of your website, whether it’s a list of the services you offer, blogs and articles, or product descriptions. Visitors are looking for the most information in the shortest amount of time. To make sure you give them desirable SEO content , keep in mind:

  • Content Must Reflect The Headline

    Headlines can be your best friend or your worst enemy. While a catchy one will bring readers in, it doesn’t mean anything if your content doesn’t support the claim.

  • Keep It Clear

    Keeping the copy laid out clearly with the use of headers, sub-headers, and bullet points not only makes the content look clean and professional, but it also allows your readers to skim the article for the exact information they need quickly.

  • Make It Memorable

    You want people to remember your content and website over competitors, but for the right reason. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure your pages are edited, include great graphics, and pertinent information.

  • Show Readers The Way

    Visitors to your site need to know what the next steps they should take are. This means:
    • Link Up: The time readers spend on your website will become longer if your content internally links to other related material. This information can include blogs, videos, or even specific products. If you give them a map, they will follow it.
    • Call-To-Action: We overthink the call-to-action because it can sound pushy or overbearing, but providing a simple way for viewers to get into direct contact with you, whether it be through email or phone, offering your readers a little extra personal attention often leads them to stay on your website for a longer time.
Keep Visitors On Your Website

Design And Function

Content is the meat of your website and is what keep visitors on your website longer, but if your site has an unappealing or hard to navigate layout and design, viewers will not take a site seriously. By considering these guidelines, you will present a professional and intriguing site:

  • Reduce Loading

    We live in an impatient society, but we have also all dealt with the frustration of a slow loading site. By making sure your website loads at a reasonable speed, people will be more inclined to stay on it longer.

  • Stay Above The Fold

    Viewers quickly analyze everything on a webpage that they can immediately see. By putting the most important and exciting information (content, visual, and contact) above the scroll down, they will nearly immediately decide if they need to stay on the site for more time.

  • Provide Exit Intent Pop-Up

    Pop-ups we get when we try to exit a page may be annoying, but they’re also effective, easily implemented on any page, and keep your readers there longer. Product pages can provide links to reviews or frequently asked questions. Blog posts can redirect readers to related or top-rated content. Finally, these pop-ups work well in the shopping cart and effectively make possible shoppers into guaranteed shoppers by including discount codes or specific content pages.

While these are only a few things to consider when trying to keep visitors on your website longer, it is also important to realize that it is not just content or layout that makes a great, exciting website. You can’t have a poorly designed website with great content any more than you can have a gorgeous website with terrible content. By tuning yourself into how people view websites, you will be able to establish a longer lasting relationship with your visitors.

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