Social Media Marketing Basics: How To Create Engaging Images

Tips For Creating Engaging Images For Social Media Marketing

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Did you know that approximately 91% of U.S. businesses use social media as part of their marketing efforts? Social signals play an increasingly important role in the decision-making process of consumers, which means that social media marketing is more important than ever.

Considering how many businesses are online, it’s important to make your images stand out from the rest of the noise. There are social media marketing tools and content creation resources that can give your brand the boost that you need to engage with your audience.

Different Forms Of Visual Content

There are different forms of visual content; all created and shared on various social media platforms. This includes platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • Images

    Images can be shared in various formats, such as memes, beautiful photography, product images, or carefully curated visuals. Each of these types of images serves a particular purpose so pay attention to your end goal and what you hope to achieve.

  • Video

    Research shows that video content tends to drive more engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook. Other platforms have developed features specifically dedicated to video, such as Reels on Instagram. There are various types of video to create including corporate videos, training videos, and advertisements. Keep your videos short and sweet, to hold audience attention.

  • Infographics

    Infographics offer valuable information to your audience, sharing insights into a concept or parts of your business. Keep in mind that the infographic’s layout should fit the dimensions of the platform of your choice. This form of imagery is useful in building brand authority.

Tips For Creating Engaging Images

Knowing which visuals to include in your social media marketing strategy is just the tip of the iceberg. The next step involves creating stunning content that will drive engagement. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this engagement.

  • Keep Your Final Goal Front Of Mind

    It’s important to have an end goal in mind when creating content. A clear vision and concise message will speak directly with your audience and prompt them to do what you want. This may be to drive traffic, increase engagement or follow you on your platforms. Make sure that you create content that clearly aligns with your desired outcome.

  • Use Text Over Images

    A picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture with words is worth even more. Choose a powerful background image and overlay it with text or illustrations to amplify your message. There are certain social media marketing tools that can help with content creation and adding textual overlays to your images.

  • Include Brand Colors and Images

    Take the time to choose colors and images that represent your brand. This is useful for several reasons namely brand identification, uniformity, and heightened effectiveness. If you’ve seen an Instagram grid that has been carefully curated, then you’ll understand the powerful effect that brand consistency can have.

  • Pay Attention To Dimensions

    Each social media platform has its own preferred dimensions for image sizes. For example, the Instagram grid has a square 1:1 dimension measuring 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels, while Twitter has a rectangular shape measuring 1024 pixels x 512 pixels. Ensuring that your images fit these dimensions will prevent them from being cut off in strange places.

  • Mix Up The Imagery On Different Platforms

    Just as each social media platform has its own dimensions, they also attract a slightly different audience. Try to re-purpose each image to suit the platform and resonate with the audience. This may mean that you tweak the copy and the background image on each platform. Doing so will also keep your audiences that are on multiple platforms interested.

Do You Need Help With Social Media Marketing?

The social media world is an intimidating space. There are lots of content demands, different requirements on various platforms, and an effort that is needed to create engaging content that speaks volumes for your brand.

Additionally, one of the most powerful social media marketing tools to have is an agency that is well-versed in the intricacies of each platform and knows how to create powerful content. At Connectica, we offer full-service digital marketing including content creation and social media marketing.

Contact us at 877-816-2259 to find out more about how our talented team can help bring your vision to life.

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