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A Guide To Creating Successful PPC Campaigns

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When it comes to marketing your business, the routes you can go down are endless. As you might be well aware, the best strategies will always include a bulletproof digital marketing strategy but what does success with this look like?

Digital marketing is about more than creating meaningful content that sells your products, it can be about driving results a lot faster than a longer-term SEO strategy might take. This is why PPC campaigns are one of the top performing strategies, and if done properly, a seamless increase in return on investment. For this reason, we have seen that many businesses would sometimes prefer to invest in PPC campaigns than general SEO improvement overtime. SEO, while essential to online marketing, can take time, a little spending money and a general long-term approach to digital success. With PPC, you can drive quicker results, it’s a great option, especially for small and medium sized businesses.

What Exactly Is PPC?

A PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is one of the best ways to get your business or website shown at the very top of a search engine results according to specific keywords. It essentially puts your website above the organic search results in Google (or another search engine).

How it works, is that you essentially place a bid on certain relevant keywords. If you win the bid for the keyword, your ad will display to the user along with two other competitor ads. You only pay for the ad when the user clicks into your ad – you do not pay for ads that display without getting any clicks. These ad campaigns require planning and can be complicated to get right, which is why at Connectica, we are your home away from home when it comes to all things digital marketing. Our experience with PPC campaigns can help get the right ads in front of the right audience.

The Elements That Create A Successful PPC Campaign

There are a few elements when it comes to running a successful PPC campaign. For starters, you will need to do some research, specifically audience research.

Target Audience Research

One of the key factors that can make or break a campaign is whether or not your particular target audience is searching for what you think they are searching for. There is a reason marketing courses will tell you to create personas of your clients and look into their buyer’s journey. Knowing your audience is how you will be able to relate to them accurately when it comes to online marketing.

Selected Keywords

You’ll need to invest some time into researching the keywords that are sure to bring you the results you’re hoping for. The wrong keywords, hitting the wrong audience can mean you’re wasting money on a campaign that needs more refining. Use tools such as Google Keyword Planner to find out where your chosen keywords rank and what they cost.

Get Specific About Your Budget

If you aren’t certain about this whole idea, the best thing to do is to start with a slightly smaller budget and then work your way up as you create more campaigns. It’s useful to know what budget you are comfortable with and then to work backwards from there. You need to find out if you can afford to pay for certain keywords, they can be competitive so look at the cost per click.

Copywriting That Sells

Believe it or not, the wrong copywriting in your limited ad space can make or break your campaign. There is a reason professional copywriters exist in the world, they have studied the words that melt in your mouth and make you want to click!

Browse Your Competitors

It’s often enlightening to see what your competitors are up to online. This may sound crazy, but it will add fuel to your fire when it comes to marketing your business well online.

Connectica Is The Place To Go For Effective PPC Campaigns

Leaving the hard yards of understanding all the acronyms that come with marketing your business online to a team of experts will get you on the map a lot quicker. At Connectica, we base all our work on the foundation of quality and SEO principles and when it comes to running effective ad campaigns, we are certainly your go-to. To start running your very own PPC campaigns that drive certain results, get in touch with our team today at 877-816-2259, we would love to help you out and get you some traffic!

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