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The web can only be described as an overwhelming realm of information. The odds are, if there’s something you want to write on or a service that you want to offer – it’s been written on and offered before. Thus, more and more websites are desperately turning towards clickbait to drive traffic to their website. Making use of clickbait, however, is certainly not going to bring you your desired results. Let’s unpack what clickbait is, why it doesn’t work, and what you can incorporate into your SEO strategy instead.

What is Clickbait?

Clickbait refers to any sort of web content whose pure aim is to drive traffic to its site, but with a negative and deceitful connotation. It could be through a misleading or sensationalist headline or unusual thumbnails that in turn encourage readers to click on the link leading them to the site in question. There is currently a huge backlash against clickbait content with those browsing the web dismissing pages and links even if they sound remotely ‘clickbait-ey’.

Why doesn’t Clickbait work?

  1. It seems insincere
    In a world where there is such an influx of information and everyone’s after the low bounce rate and the high click-throughs, it’s important to build authentic relationships with clients. Clickbait is one way to do just the opposite.
  2. It will tarnish your brand
    Not only will it seem insincere as mentioned in the previous point, but it will also tarnish your brand and make you seem untrustworthy. Hardly the way to go about building relationships with your customers, right? Speaking of relationships, see point three (3).
  3. Using Clickbait will see you fail to forge meaningful relationships with your client base
    If you’re not sure why this is, perhaps read points one and two again.
  4. The long-term setbacks outweigh the short-term benefits
    While you may get instant web hits, the truth is your bounce rate will likely be high and your readers will start distrusting your website and your authority in the long-term.
  5. Your clients will become exasperated with you
    Is there anything worse than trying to look for the answer to something on the net, thinking you found a website that will help you, only to find its useless and simply clickbait? If you incorporate clickbait into your SEO strategy, your clients will become exasperated and stop looking to you for answers.

How Can My SEO Strategy Be Successful Without Clickbait?

There are numerous ways you can implement and carry out a successful SEO strategy, eye-catching titles and all, without committing clickbait at the same time. Here’s how:

  1. Be sure to use the right keywords
    If someone is looking for an ice cream parlor in Pompano Beach and you are an ice cream parlor in Pompano Beach, it’s easy to figure out what your keywords should be for you and your potential clients to find each other
  2. Make sure your article addresses and answers a question that your audience will want to know the answer to
    For the same point as above, if you have the knowledge and skill to answer a commonly-asked question, be sure to answer these questions in your SEO strategy
  3. Use attention-grabbing headlines, but not in a way that will be considered clickbait
    If your title insinuates that it will offer something or that readers will find something useful by reading it, be sure that you are honest and transparent about what you’re offering in your headline and that it correlates to your text. In other words, make sure your article or web page does exactly what your title, keyword, and metadescription says it does.
  4. Use list formats
    In an age where we’re looking for the quickest solution to our problem, a listicle works well. They are appealing, quick to read, and to the point. Readers will be able to scan your page easily to look for results and to see if one that suits them can be found there.
  5. Use active wording
    Things like ‘hacks’ and ‘tips’ and the like tell your audience that you have the solution to a problem they have.
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