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Geo-Fencing is an extended SEO marketing technique, used to catapult the brands of multiple businesses by allowing them to reach their target audiences in new ways. By refining targets to location-specific customers, advertising becomes relevant and effective – a search engine optimization in the form of geographical boundaries.

But what is a geo-fence?
A geo-fence is a virtual barrier that uses global positioning system (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFI) such as wifi nodes or Bluetooth beacons. This virtual barrier is used as the basic feature of a location-based software program that allows marketers (or administrators) to send marketing messages to smartphone users upon entering within a geographical area. The geo-fence is paired with the hardware/software application and responds to the boundary as prompted by the parameters of the program.

Basically – when a potential client enters a geo-fenced area, a trigger alert is sent to the device user as well as the geo-fence operator/administrator. The information which is gathered from the device can then be used further for various marketing activities. The mobile service is optimized when integrated with a company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Whilst one of the most popular uses of geo-fencing is target-focused advertising, there are many other corporate benefits to geo-fencing. Some of the most obvious ones are as follows:

  • Geo-fencing is a crucial tool in telematics. Administrators are able to draw zones around places of work, customer’s sites and secure areas. When a person or equipped vehicle crosses the boundary, an alert is sent to the administrator via SMS or email.
  • Advertising deals can be executed with hyper-local intention. Offers can be tailored and specifically targeted to potential customers within a geographical area. This has given mobile advertising a massive kick forward as location-specific adverts can be sent to customers on their mobile phones. Geo-fencing leverages location in order to reduce the temptation of competitor deals. In the same breath, it also allows businesses opportunities to collaborate with complementary companies.
  • Location adds another layer to analytics and study of consumer behavior, particularly regarding what lure certain adverts bring to the company.
  • Geo-fencing provides security to wireless local area networks. By using pre-defined borders, such as an office space, the area becomes an authorized location for users of the wireless mobile services.
  • Geo-fencing is used for various forms of human tracking. Some human resource departments use geo-fencing to monitor members of staff who are working in external locations, such a fieldwork. It is an easy way for employees to log their attendance. Used with child location services, geo-fencing can alert a parent when a child leaves a designated area.
  • Monitoring of assets. In the same way as monitoring people, geo-fencing can be used to alert the administrator if various assets move such as a vehicle that leaves a certain perimeter, wildlife that wander astray on a farm or game range, or truck driver veers from the route.
  • Localizing firearms. Geo-fencing ensures that firearms are only allowed to be fired in areas where they are permitted to do so.
  • Geo-fencing benefits consumers as well! Advertised offers are more relevant when sent under the guidance of location. Businesses are aware of the consumers’ location, the time of day, and may even know the favored merchants.

A tool such as geo-fencing is so versatile and effective, it is no wonder that it is so widely used. Experts in the field of geo-location services, such as Connetica LLC, know the logistics of how to manage the tool in a non-intrusive, professional way so that the integrity of your business is maintained, whilst reaping the benefits of the results.

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