Good Facebook Business Page Practices

Facebook Business Page Practices

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Home to over two billion monthly active users – Facebook business pages can either make or break your brand and is the perfect platform for generating traffic for your business and engaging with potential customers.

Social media marketing has transformed the way businesses engage with their customers, and Facebook is one of the largest social media’s out there. Here is our comprehensive guide to building and maintaining your Facebook business page so that you are able to make the most of this versatile and functional tool.

Facebook’s Gray Badges

What Changed?

As of October 2019, Facebook no longer has gray badges. These badges showed a business page’s legitimacy and were obtained via an application.

The aim was to allow small businesses a way to verify that their page belonged to, and was managed by, their company – similar to the blue badges awarded to public figures, media companies, and large brands.

A spokesperson from Facebook said that based on feedback, the gray badges would be removed and businesses will focus on other ways to “show their authenticity on Facebook.”

What Can You Do?

Facebook has several recommendations with regards to maintaining your Page authenticity. These include:

  • Create A Username For Your Page

    Having a unique username makes your Page easy to find and gives you a custom URL that can easily be shared by you or your followers.

  • Keep Your ‘About’ Section Up-To-Date

    Fields you should fill out include:

    • Description. What is your Page about? What does your business do? Answer these questions in about 155 characters.

    • Categories. These help potential customers find your Page. You can choose up to three categories.

    • Contact Information. Put your business phone number, website, email address, etc. Make sure this information is up-to-date!

    • Location. If your business has a physical store/office – put the address here.

    • Hours. If you close after certain hours, your customers need to know. Put your business hours here.

    • More. Put any additional information you think is important, eg price ranges.
  • Determine Ideal Post Timing And Frequency

    If you are looking to improve engagement you need to be posting about two times a day. This is often enough to keep your Page current, shows consistency, and increases your chances of engagement – all without overdoing it and becoming annoying. Posting regularly also shows the company is still in business – which Facebook rewards by placing you at the top of users’ feeds.

    Choosing the right time of day to post is also important. Experiment with posting at different times and watch your reach and engagement (Facebook’s insights are helpful for this!) Aim to post when your target audience interacts the most with your page – often this is in the afternoon or early evening.

Taking Advantage Of Facebook’s New Algorithm

Facebook business pages require strategy and planning in order to be noticed and engaged with.

Creating a good business Facebook page is no longer as simple as slapping random photos and statuses together and hoping for the best.

With an updated algorithm, your published content has a lower chance of being seen by your followers. Instead, Facebook places users’ most wanted content first in their feed. Your business’s goal needs to shift to increase your odds of reaching these exclusive and highly-tailored feeds.


Your Page needs to grab the eye of every potential customer and get them interested in your company. You can achieve this by doing three things:

  • Have a recognizable profile picture. Build and maintain your brand by sticking to a constant profile picture that your customers can become familiar with.

  • Have an engaging cover photo. Found at the top of your Page, your cover photo gives the opportunity to deliver a strong visual element to grab customers’ attention, support your branding, and/or elicit emotion from anyone that visits your Page. Ideally, your cover photo should be 820×462 pixels. You also have the option to upload a cover video or have a slideshow of different cover images.

  • Post videos. It was found that video posts earn around 135% more reach than photos – making them an invaluable asset to your Page. Live videos have 3x higher engagement than pre-recorded ones, showing that simple is better. You can show behind-the-scenes of your office, or host live chats and Q&A sessions. Make sure to enable subtitles because the majority of Facebook users watch videos on silent.

Make sure to always use high-quality images and videos, as anything blurry and pixelated will make your Page look unprofessional.

Add Collaborators

Facebook has a function where you can add different collaborators to your Page’s management and then assign them various roles. These roles have different levels of access in terms of what they can upload, edit, or takedown, and include:

  • Admin. The creator of the Page is admin by default. Admin has access to everything.

  • Editor. Editors can edit and post on the Page, send messages, create ads, see which admin made each post or comment, and view insights.

  • Moderator. This role allows you to add and delete comments, send messages, create ads, see which admin made each post or comment, and view insights.

  • Advertiser. Can create ads, see which admin made each post or comment, and view insights.

  • Analyst. Can see which admin made each post or comment and view insights.

Engage With Your Audience

Staying accessible to your customers is essential for keeping your Facebook business page successful.

Make sure to monitor and respond to comments, especially if they contain questions about your company. The core purpose of social media is communication, and if your customers feel ignored by you they will go to a competitor.

Depending on how big your business is, you can enable or disable private messaging on your Page. Facebook will display your average response time to anyone who visits your Page, so one of your goals should be to reply as quickly as possible. If you are struggling to reply to messages in a timely manner, or at all, it’s a good idea to disable private messaging.

Pin Important Posts

Your feed will be arranged so that your most recent posts show first. If you have an important post with information about an upcoming event or giveaway, for example, you can pin that post to the top of your feed. This will be the first thing that your audience sees when viewing your page.

Keep Posts Relevant

Good posts are short, informative, and don’t ramble.

Typically, posts with 80 characters have nearly 70% more engagement than others, and posts that contain questions drive engagement even higher. Keep written posts as brief as you can, so as not to lose the reader’s attention halfway through.

Whether you are just getting started, or you want to improve on your existing Facebook business page, Connectica is here to help! Contact us today for more information.

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