ADA Compliance Is Essential To Any Website Today

Should My Website Be ADA Compliant?

ADA Compliant

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Civil rights laws have birthed new compliance regulations for websites and online content under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These regulations have placed a ban on all discriminations against those who are disabled. This includes any blind, color-impaired or low vision users. Websites will need to be designed and formatted in certain ways in order to comply with the regulations promoting inclusion. This falls in line with ADA Compliance.

Whether you are publishing eBook, PDF documents, Word documents, websites, blogs or any other content; it should be available to our disabled friends and community.

At Connectica, we are clued up on all the latest compliance standards embedded in the latest ADA requirements. We choose to comply not only because it’s the law. We also do it because we trust that inclusion will send the right message to your target audience, and others who visit your site. Inclusivity at your business will attract the right people, and you won’t be leaving anybody out.

Take a look at some of the details surrounding these standards. Perhaps consider bringing your online communication into alignment with the regulations.

What Does It Mean To Be ADA Compliant?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are essentially built to create an online environment that is safe for all users. When it comes to disabled users, it is essential that we make the web as easy as possible for them and others to navigate. This is done through ADA compliance.

It is most important for government websites to be ADA compliant as well as those in public view, which is why we highly recommend you ensure your website and online content complies.

Why Does It Matter?

Well, to put it simply, search engines will love your website if it is compliant to ADA guidelines! This will mean that your website performance will be great on any search engine as long as you comply with the guidelines and standards set. It will not only boost your SEO ranking, but it will also boost conversions and visibility online.

If you design your website and content according to ADA standards, you don’t have to worry about users taking legal action in the future. We recommend making sure your site can serve a wider range of users. This is why we see value in building a culture of inclusion on the web.

What Are Some Steps I Can Take To Become ADA Compliant?

There are a couple of steps we take at Connectica to ensure your digital docs and web content complies with the latest ADA standards.

Here are some of the processes we will go through when working with your website:

  • Analyzing and reviewing the current code on your website and web documents.
  • Determine the compliancy level and make suggestions on where we can make some improvements.
  • Update and test the new code to fit the latest requirements.
  • We stay current and up to date with the latest ADA standards. We will always know when to make necessary changes.

Are There Any Consequences If I Choose Not To Be?

As we mentioned above, your SEO performance might not be as good as if you are ADA compliant. Aside from this, you might incur penalties for not complying with this requirement. Additionally, this means that users can potentially sue you for a lot of money if they see that you are not being inclusive in terms of access to your site.

Ultimately, our goal should be to ensure the internet is a safe place for everyone. Additionally, it’s also to make sure our websites are accessible to anyone in the public’s spaces. This should be of top priority to making a decision in compliance.

Connect And Become ADA Compliant Today

It’s essential for us to remain above average when it comes to our own website and digital communications. When we work with our clients, they are above reproach when it comes to the law, and any other inclusivity and compliance standards.

If you’re interested in an ADA compliant website, get in touch with one of our digital marketing experts today at 1-877-816-2259. We have your back from end-to-end when it comes to all things web, digital marketing, SEO or content marketing related. We’d love to be part of your external team!

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