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When a person wants to buy some new clothes or maybe a new bandsaw, they go to the same place, the Google search bar. So, if you are a company in Florida and want to make sure they find your business, you need to use search engine marketing. Nowadays, to get your product seen by potential customers it is all about being at the top of the search page. In the past you needed to spend thousands of dollars on massive billboards and TV advertisements. Those methods still exist, but they are nowhere as powerful as search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing

So how do you get your company to be the first thing a potential customer sees when they search for a product you produce? Well you start an AdWords campaign. Though other search engines also have search engine marketing tools, I will focus on Google, because they are the biggest and if you are a small business it would be better to consolidate your marketing budget on one great campaign instead of diluting it through a few. AdWords control all of Google’s marketing spaces, so that includes YouTube along with the search engine results page.

AdWords decide what adverts pop up next on a search engine result page. For your advert to be added to the ones being displayed, you need to sign up to AdWords. You will then define specific keywords you would like Google to associate with your product. The aim being that when a person searches for a product or service using those specific keywords, your ad would be shown. But since there could be a lot of companies using the same keywords, your ad is entered into an auction which is run every time that specific keyword is searched for. The winner of the auction gets the space alongside the search result. The winner is chosen by a combination of how much you are willing to pay for a click-through and the quality score of your campaign. The quality score is a combination of factors including how many click-throughs you get when your ad is shown. This is important to Google, because they only really make money when a user clicks on the ad they display.

Social Media Marketing

The alternative to trying to get that ad spot, is being on top of the search results. Hardly anyone buys a product or service today without doing some research. This research is often a quick search, followed by them browsing the results, which are normally forums or social media websites. People are more likely to use a company that has a large social media presence. If they can send a tweet asking a question about what your company provides and hear back in minutes, they are more likely to use your company because you have caught them while they are still in buy mode. A social media presence also allows potential customers to see your history and any special events or company missions such as charity.


Without an online presence, you will be fighting an uphill battle, that is just getting harder. Now is the time to find a Search Engine Optimization company such as Connectica LLC to help you win this battle.

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