15 Blog Ideas For Plumbers For The Best SEO Results

15 SEO Blog Topic Ideas For Plumbers

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Owning your own business is not just a means of income, it is also a source of pride. One of the best ways of highlighting the extraordinary pride you have in your company is to connect with your clients – both current and potential – in a meaningful way. Providing a captivating search engine optimization (SEO) blog is a wonderful way to keep your audience informed and entertained. At Connectica LLC, we know that having a strong SEO blog for plumbers is especially vital to a terrific marketing strategy. Here our experts explain the importance of SEO blogs and give you some ideas specific to the plumbing industry.

Why Are SEO Blogs Important?

Think about when people need a plumber or their advice. Whether their toilet is overflowing, they need to install a garbage disposal, or how to fix a clog in their sink, your potential audience needs information fast. Therefore, more industries are moving from traditional ads and marketing to custom content, including SEO blogs. Aside from quickly reaching your audience, plumbing blogs will also:

Establish Expertise

Before hiring your company, potential clients need to know you have authority in your field. Providing relevant content regularly shows your experience, knowledge, and leadership.

Generate Leads

Email marketing is still important for a business strategy, but companies with blogs get 67% more leads. Finding the exact information they need or want quickly can be more successful than emails.

Increase Visibility

Strategic keyword research and its content incorporation can help you build your ideal customer base. When blogs use the right keywords in the right way, they will begin to rank higher on search engines.

Provide A Voice

Too often, businesses can feel impersonal. Blogs with intriguing content help to humanize your business and display what you stand for, why clients trust your company, and your overall vision.

Provide Education

The most basic and crucial rule to content creation is providing people with what they want or need to know. Giving pertinent and current information provides your audience with valuable information.

SEO Blog Topics for Plumbers

Despite what people may think, the world of plumbing has a lot going on! Providing a blog that has a good assortment of topics including how-to guides, trends, and buyer’s guides are a terrific way to generate traffic. Here, the experts at Connectica LLC share some of their most successful topics for plumbers.

Anecdotes and Stories

Your readers want to connect with your blog. Try weaving in personal stories about the strangest plumbing jobs you’ve had to fix or what the plumbing business means to you.

Answer Frequent Questions

With access to the internet, more people are trying to diagnose their plumbing issues. Blogs are a great way to answer these problems! From leaky faucets to explaining how to get rid of fruit flies, blogs provide the information they need to know fast.

Business History and Information

People love to put a face to a name. Creating posts that detail the history of your plumbing company, your values, and your employees makes your business seem more personal and approachable.

Buyer’s Guides

Your plumbing company likely offers a variety of products. Supplying your readers with a comprehensive buyer’s guide blog allows them to see the pros, cons, and price points of specific sets of items.

Current Events

Think about things currently going on that could affect your readers’ plumbing. For example, the closer it gets to hurricane season, give them tips on how to keep their water and family safe.

Dos And Don’ts

While you are a plumbing company, your audience is on the search for a variety of things to help them. For example, providing a list of dos and don’ts on things to put down the drain gives insight into problem areas.

Employee Profiles

Go behind the scenes to show your audience how your plumbing company runs. This could be anything from on-the-job pictures to profiling new employees. These blogs build your brand.

Employment Opportunities

Along with potential customers, potential employees may also be searching for plumbers in their area. In these blogs, you can showcase exactly why working for your company is a great opportunity.

How-To Guides

Plumbing issues, like a clogged drain, usually don’t require expert plumbing services. Providing how-to guides to solve these minor problems helps to show your qualifications. It also helps to keep your company’s name on a reader’s mind if a real issue occurs.

Keep It Local

People in South Florida don’t want to read about their pipes freezing. Your SEO blog will rank higher when you supply content that directly affects your client base.

Money-Saving Tips

Everyone likes to save money on their bills. Offering blogs that share how they can save on their plumbing costs is a great resource and shows a commonality between your company and clients.

Plumbing Myths

From hot water dissolving grease to a brick in the tank saving money, there are many plumbing myths. Most of these are false and can be dangerous! Debunking these myths makes for interesting blogs.

Plumbing Truths

Sharing hard truths with your audience is a great way to provide information. For example, Florida has hard water. Articles about this danger, along with tips and advice, help showcase your honest approach.

Reviews And Testimonials

Potential customers want to know that you supply great services. One of the most effective ways to prove this is by following up with current clients and asking them to review your work.

Why They Need A Professional

While there are several small issues individuals can fix, you should never encourage them to try a DIY job. Blogs on the importance of hiring a professional prove your expertise and save them from danger.

SEO Blogs For Plumbers With Connectica

Nobody knows your business like you do, but researching, creating, and publishing captivating SEO content can be time-consuming. Connectica LLC understands that which is why we offer customizable SEO strategies for plumbers. At Connectica, our expert content creators understand the plumbing industry and promise you the best opportunity for your blog to rank higher and get more traffic. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free SEO report, call us at 1-877-816-2259 or contact Connectica online today!

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