3 Ethical Link Building Strategies To Get Your Business Ahead

Ethical Link Building Strategies That Will Help Take Your Business To The Next Level In 2020

Ethical Link Building Strategies

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Content and links are two of SEO’s biggest factors. Without links, referral traffic is limited and ranking potential hindered. Google also has strict guidelines to link building though, so how does one achieve both? Following these three strategies will allow you to build links in an ethical manner with positive effects on your website.

Understanding Ethical Link Building

Ethical link building is as known as ‘white-hat’ link building. Rather than simply manipulating Google algorithms, permanent, relevant and useful links are established to your website. This process is focused on creating valuable content for your audience, benefiting both your audience and your website.

Why It’s Important

Building links in an ethical manner has proven to be beneficial in a number of ways:

Avoid Penalties

Search engines are designed to sniff out links to pages or websites that were created using suspicious methods. Manipulating search engine algorithms may end up costing you a pretty penny, and for what? We rely on search engines to bring in traffic and new audiences to our websites so it’s best to play by their rules.


Building a money-making blog takes time, energy, and patience but ethical link building can help to lighten the load. Setting up a process that can be repeated whenever it’s needed means that long term relationships, assets, and systems can be built.

Your blog traffic will grow and your goals will change but your overall strategy will remain the same. The stress of Google changing algorithms is removed through using ethical link building.

Adding Value

The key to establishing a solid following is to provide content that adds to your readers’ lives. By using tactics centered around creating valuable content, you can build something real and long-lasting. Not only will this bring readers back for more, but it will make them go back and share your content with others.

Strategies For 2020

Strategies For 2020

Applying these three ethical link building strategies can help to improve your referral traffic, connections with contacts, and content value for readers, something that Connectica can help you to achieve.

A Journalistic Source of Information

By sharing a quote, tip, or piece of information in exchange for the mention of your name, brand, and your website you become a journalistic source of information. Labeled as one of the most ethical sources of backlinks online, these fantastic marketing tools help to improve content impact.

As an audience, when trying to understand concepts or apply experiences, diversity is beneficial. Gathering opinions from different sources on a single subject makes for good user experiences when looking to implement new ideas.

Although writers are constantly looking for people to feature, how do you contact them without being annoying? This process is made easy through HARO, a free tool used by 55,000 bloggers and journalists used to deliver media opportunities.

Link Reclamation

Focusing on brand mentions, with or without a link, link reclamation is about as ethical as it gets. For example, if someone mentions your software in an article without a link, you should:

  1. Thank them for the mention
  2. Ask that they add a link to your relevant target pages
  3. Build connections with the site or writer for future collaborations

Locating these sites may seem daunting but is made easy using the Ahrefs tool.

If done correctly, link reclamation can be extremely effective. It increases the value a reader gets by providing a link on the page where more information can be found- rather than them have to search for it on their own.

Guest Posting

For years, whether a guest posting is effective or not has been a popular topic of debate. Unlike spinning existing content and link stuffing, high-quality bylined content adds value to readers’ lives. Blogs need better quality content and this could be provided by you!

Not only could you get a byline link and referral traffic from it, but it is an opportunity for you to build connections with contacts. This strategy focuses on building editorial connections, through natural guest post links on top-tier sites.

Link building is not only changing, but it’s changing fast. Ethical link building strategies all aim to improve content and link value for readers, while steering clear of search engine penalties. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, contact Connectica today at 1-877-816-2259.

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