The Differences Between Dynamic And Static Website Design

Static Vs. Dynamic Website Design: What’s The Difference?

Dynamic Website Design

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Your website design is one of the first things potential clients notice when they look at your website. You want your website to be interesting, easy to understand, and easy to navigate through. You want potential clients to appreciate your website design.

What Are Dynamic and Static Website Designs?

Dynamic and static website designs are very different from each other. Individual web pages or websites can be either static or dynamic. In the early days of web pages, they were all static. Over time dynamic web pages started to emerge, and now most web pages are dynamic. Website design can be quite complex depending on you or your company’s needs.

Dynamic Website

A dynamic website contains information that changes depending on the time of day, the viewer, time zones, the viewer’s native language, and other factors. A dynamic website is one that can provide user interaction, display different content, and can be more intriguing. The content can change for each viewer. Dynamic website design can be quite difficult, as it has various components that have to be considered.

Static Website

A static website contains information that doesn’t change. It stays the same for each viewer that visits the website. A static website generally comes with a fixed number of pages that have a specific layout. When a page runs on a browser, the content is static and doesn’t change in the response to the user. Static website design is not as complicated as a dynamic website design.

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What Are The Differences Between Dynamic And Static Website Design?

Both dynamic and static website designs each have their own pros and cons and can be quite different from each other.

Dynamic Website Design Can Be Tricky to Create

Dynamic websites use advanced programs, and databases in addition to HTML. Dynamic designs have content that changes, while static designs have the same content all the time. Static websites are easier to create, and they just use simple code, and design elements, but dynamic websites can be worth the extra effort.

Static Website Design Is Less Functional and Interactive

Static website design is usually based around information that relates to the content of the web page. Instead of just being informational, dynamic websites are more functional and allow the viewers to interact with the information that’s being provided.

Dynamic Website Design Is Easier to Update

Static websites will need a developer to do any content updates for your web page. Dynamic websites, on the other hand, are slightly easier to update. Static websites are difficult to alter, they require a change to be implemented manually at each point.

Static and Dynamic Website Content

Static website content is designed to remain the same for each viewer, so it doesn’t need to be modified or processed. With a dynamic website, the content is designed to change from time to time, and as the viewer requests the page.

Dynamic Website Design Can Be Less Flexible

With a static website, every page can be different to match the layout or the content of that page. With dynamic websites, the design is a bit more fixed. Individual changes to pages are sometimes not possible with dynamic website design.

Static Websites Sometimes Load Quicker

Because dynamic websites constantly have new, updated content that’s changing most of the time. It can take the web page longer load for the viewer. With a static website, the content remains the same, so it has a shorter loading time.

The Takeaway

There are many differences between dynamic website designs and static website designs. If you would like any advice or assistance with your or your company’s website designs call the experts at Connectica today at 954-282-1698.

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