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Digital Marketing

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A fun fact about the internet is that it is here to stay. This means that the number of people who use the internet is only going to increase as time goes on. And with this increase in internet usage, comes the change in the way that people shop and buy products. Effective marketing methods have always been about finding the best way to connect with your audience, at the right place, and at the right time. In today’s world, this means if people are spending more of their time online – brands need to meet them there.

Since consumers are spending more time on the internet, traditional marketing methods just aren’t as effective as they used to be. This is where digital marketing comes in. Traditional marketing methods can definitely still work if you are trying to reach an older target audience, but it is important for all businesses to implement at least one form of digital marketing if they want to reach more people and stand out from their competition.

Here we discuss what digital marketing is, how it differs from traditional marketing, and how you can go about building an effective digital marketing plan that is cohesive with the overall marketing plan of your business.

What Does Digital Marketing Include?

Digital marketing is a way to promote your product or service through various online channels, using various digital marketing strategies. It is a way to help businesses reach their target audience online and share their brand message by engaging with them through different online channels. The different ways to market your business online include:

  • Websites or a Mobile App: A way for customers to easily find you, contact you, or make a purchase online.

  • Content Marketing: This includes blog posts, Ebooks, videos, or even podcasts, which serve to help potential customers and generate leads.

  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is a way to communicate to leads or customers, and can be used to promote new business offerings, discounts, or events.

  • Social Media Marketing: This digital marketing practice helps promote your business online, increase brand awareness, and boost traffic to your website.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This process includes creating content in a certain way that optimizes your website to rank higher in search engine results pages, which drives more traffic to your website organically.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC): This method allows you to pay your search engine to promote your website at the top of their search results pages, per every time it is clicked on.

How Is It Different From Traditional Marketing?

One of the reasons to invest in digital marketing as opposed to traditional marketing techniques, is that it doesn’t require a large budget. Traditional marketing techniques include any form of promotion or brand awareness that isn’t online and came about before the internet.

Some of these techniques include billboard advertisements; magazine ads; pamphlets, flyers, television commercials; and radio ads.

How To Build An Effective Digital Marketing Plan That Is Cohesive With Your Overall Marketing Plan?

An effective overall marketing plan should include a strategy to reach your target audience at every point of their buying journey. The different stages of the buyer journey are attract; convert; and delight. In order to build an effective digital marketing strategy, it should be in line with your overall business goals and marketing plan.

Let’s take a look at how you can make use of different digital marketing channels to meet your overall marketing goals at every stage of the buyer’s journey:

  • Attract

    An effective digital marketing strategy that can be used to attract strangers to your business, is social media, SEO, or PPC advertising. Sharing relatable content, your brand story, or simply hosting a competition, can attract new leads to your website through your social media pages and search engines.

  • Convert

    Once you’ve attracted someone to your website, you’ll need to be able to convert them into someone who would actually make a purchase. Here you can use educational content about your business offering, such as blog articles, videos, or infographics. For example, if you’re a skincare brand and someone is visiting your site looking for a new facial cleanser, it will help them know what to buy if there is information about the different products available to them.

  • Delight

    To create a successful business, you’ll need to be able to delight your customers so that they keep coming back to make more purchases from you. An effective way to do this is through email marketing – here you can send information to your customers about new product offerings, or entice them with gifts, discount codes, loyalty programs, or exclusive offerings.

Building The Right Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Our digital marketing specialists at Connectica can create an effective and personalized digital marketing strategy to meet your business needs and fit in with your overall marketing plan and budget. Keep checking our website to find out more about our digital marketing services, or give us a call at 877-816-2259 today.

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