Why SEO And Web Designers Should Be Best Friends

Should Your Web Designer Know About SEO?

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A website, especially for smaller businesses, is essential in its success. The internet has become what phone books used to be for business and you won’t be getting customers if people can’t find you! To be at the top of the search results, SEO needs to be a part of your design from the beginning. This means that your web designer and SEO should be best friends, using its various technical aspects to create an attractive and SEO-friendly website!

Why Web Designers Need SEO

If your website is going to be successful, your web designer must be familiar with SEO. Incorporating it can only benefit your business, some of which are:


It’s no secret that having a business website is important, but its effectiveness is limited if your website does not appear in users’ search results. This is where SEO comes in, helping your website rank highly for specific keywords. This means that your business will appear on search engine results before other businesses with similar products.

Appeal & Ranking 

Any decent web designer should know the importance of creating an attractive and SEO-friendly site.

Incorporating SEO into a web design helps with a site’s ranking and improves the potential number of clicks on it. Increased traffic to your website means an increase in potential customers–a goal that SEO can help your business reach.

Good Experience 

A visually attractive site with quality content makes for good user experience. A site that is easily navigated and can be accessed across devices enhances users’ experience on your page. This makes them want to stay longer and we have SEO to thank for all of this!

Cutting Costs 

There is no question that using SEO saves your business money–something a skilled web designer would know! For this to be effective, everything from the page titles to the image SEO needs to be prepared beforehand. Failing to do this could harm your website’s progress.

Technical Aspects 

SEO has a number of technical aspects, all working together to achieve a common goal- to increase your rankings. Here are a few aspects it focuses on:


An increasing number of users browse the internet on the go using their smartphones. Marketing tech facts by Sweor argues that your site then needs to be accessible by all devices, finding that 57% of mobile users abandon a website with poor responsiveness.

Incorporating mobile-friendliness—a ranking factor—not only provides a better user experience but increases your site’s chances of ranking well. Responsive design is the best way to ensure accessibility on all devices and browsers.


Headings help to structure your page, showing a hierarchy within the text.

Headings align the structure of the site, behind the scenes optimization and content, making sense to all users. Headings help search engines to categorize the websites’ content, making use of simple, on-page optimization.

Navigational Menus 

A website navigational menu is a key component in creating a good user experience, so we suggest keeping it simple! The easier it is for users to find what they need, the more likely they are to stay on your site, increasing your rankings. Your navigational menu directs users to the most relevant parts of your site and raises awareness of additional services.

Image Sizes

Large, high-quality images are visually appealing but not ideal for a website. Your designer will try to keep away from large files that slow down the page loading times. Large files would create a poor user experience. They would also increase your bounce rate and lower your rankings that you’re working hard to better.

Page Speed 

When waiting for a site to load, it doesn’t take much for a user to get frustrated and leave. But lucky for us, Google has a mobile-friendly test to stop your rankings from plummeting! This test checks your site’s mobile-friendliness and mobile and desktop speed all the while providing you suggestions on how to improve them.

Web Design & SEO In Fort Lauderdale

The success of your website and potentially your business relies on SEO and its technical aspects. Don’t panic if your web designer is not familiar with SEO or have access to an SEO team! Connectica is here for all your web design and SEO needs! We would love to help share your business with the world so please give us a call at 877-816-2259.For this and other tips about SEO, web design, content creation, and so much more, like and follow us on Facebook!

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