How Can I Improve My Local SEO Results?

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Have you ever craved a burger and searched for a burger joint near you? Perhaps you’ve been on holiday and wanted an impromptu tattoo, searching on your phone for a tattoo parlor in the area?

The top search results have optimized their local SEO efforts to meet your needs.

Whether you provide an online service, own a brick-and-mortar store, or run a small start-up serving your local community, it’s important to put effort into your local SEO results.

As SEO experts, we’ve put together a few tips on how to improve your local SEO results — and boost your online exposure.

What is Local SEO?

Local search occurs when an online user searches for products or services within a geographical area. The intention of a local search is specific and often time-based.

Local SEO refers to local search optimization techniques that help a business appear at the top of local search results.

Consider the following scenario using local SEO;

You have recently relocated to Tampa and started renovating your home and realize that you need certain tools and services. One of the best ways to meet these needs is to search online, using local keywords. You may type “painting services in Tampa” or “hardware store near me” and use the top-ranking results (and reviews) to guide your next step.

On the other hand, if you run a local hardware or painting business then you can boost your online visibility for these types of search results by incorporating a local SEO strategy.

Five Effective Ways to Improve Local SEO Results

While many of the general SEO practices apply to local SEO, there are a few specific techniques that can boost rankings for local searches.

Claim Your GMB Listing

Establishing your Google My Business (GMB) listing is only the first step. Next, you need to optimize your listing to make the most of the opportunity. GMB allows you to leverage a location-based strategy and introduce your business to potential clients. There are a few basic details to include, such as a business address, operation hours, category of business, and reviews.

There are also a few additional GMB tips to keep in mind. For example, make sure to use relevant keywords, keep all information relevant, add photographs and manage customer reviews (especially negative reviews).

Optimize for Mobile

In the final quarter of 2021, mobile devices accounted for 63% of organic search engine results. With so many people searching for information while on the go, it’s important that your website is optimized for mobile.

Google rewards websites that meet user intent. Streamlining mobile will help to boost local SEO results. There are various ways to prepare for mobile-first indexing, such as using a responsive design.

Boost Your Reviews

Did you know that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business? Potential customers use these signals as social proof of a reliable local business. Collect reviews from customers and encourage people to share their positive experiences.

If you have any negative reviews, then it’s important to address them too. Research shows that approximately 89% of consumers are ‘highly’ or ‘fairly’ likely to use a business if they respond to all online reviews as it boosts trust and indicates transparency.

Find Local Content Ideas and Links

Best SEO practices apply to local SEO as well. In the same way that you’d write authoritative content to rank for plumbing services, you also need to create content that is optimized locally to boost your local SEO results.

Research local and relevant topics within your niche and start building backlinks to your local content. Other ways to prioritize local content include reaching out to local websites for collaborations or offering your product or service in exchange for a backlink.

Include Location Pages

Creating location pages can increase your chance to appear in the search results for products and services in your city. If you offer your goods and services in different cities, then you can create different pages for each location.

There are specific ways to optimize your location pages so that you increase the chance of ranking.

SEO Experts to Boost Local Search Results

If you’re looking for local SEO experts in Florida (and beyond) then our professional team has the knowledge and passion to boost your online visibility. Give us a call at 877-816-2259 to find out more. You can also follow Connectica on Facebook for more great tips.

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