How To Create A Location Page For Local SEO Ranking

Ranking Locally With Location Pages

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When you are starting a new website or blog, it is important to put as much effort into the SEO of each page as possible. This will help to increase traffic and make it easier for visitors to find your content and information. In this article, learn how to create an engaging and effective location page to either target specific physical locations or service areas.

What is a Location Page?

A location page is an SEO optimized landing page geared toward a specific long-tail term that is location-specific. Location pages are generally used to promote your business and services in specific areas you want to rank within.

For example, if your business has locations in multiple cities, each location could have its own city-specific page. This not only helps search engines see your business as a local business to that area, it also helps users see that as well. This way, when a potential customer in a target city the business is located in wants to find a business like yours, the most relevant location is what will show up. These pages are also sometimes referred to as ‘doorways’.

Location pages do not just have to be for physical locations.  You can also create them for different service areas your business. This could be especially helpful since service area businesses do not have physical locations to show a local presence.   

Use Different Information

You can’t have the same content on each location page. The copy on each location page must be unique and not duplicated. Write more than you think you need to. Make sure that each location page has a different and engaging headline, with information that includes what makes your business stand out. Google will penalize duplicated content, even on location pages for the same business.

Location Pages and Local SEO

Creating location pages can be an effective way to grow the local SEO practices for your site. Location pages can be a part of your overall local SEO strategy, however, should not be the only thing you do for local SEO. Local SEO is a broader concept that includes many different tactics, including using off-site business directories and backlinks.

Information You Need on Your SEO Location Page

To create an SEO-friendly location page, you will need to get a little creative with the information on the page. This information should include:

  • Contact Information

    Contact information is key to all location pages. This includes your business’s name, address, and phone number. If you have an email address, include it on your location page, too. This information should match what you have on Google My Business exactly.

    If your business does not have a physical address in the location, such as a service area business, you may mention that you service the local area instead of providing a physical address. It will also help service area businesses to have local phone numbers, area codes, for the areas they service. This will help confirm the local presence and sell to users who prefer to use local businesses since the phone number would be from their area.

  • Map and Directions

    A map with directions is important for location pages that include full addresses. This allows the user to see where your business is and get directions from their current location. It is especially helpful if you can link your Google My Business Listing for each location to its respective location page.  This would get your business coordinates embedded into the page and it also doesn’t hurt to have a Google product linked to it.

  • Business Hours

    Including accurate hours of operation will help customers find your business when they need it. If you only have a few days a week of operation, let the customer know. Don’t leave them wondering if they should show up on an off-day or if you are closed during certain holidays.

  • Clear Description of Business

    This is where you need to really tell visitors what makes your business unique from other similar businesses that are found nearby. This is where to include your long tail keywords and location-specific content. You may also want to check any stats about the local area that could relate to your products or services.  Stats can also be a great way to differentiate the content since they should be different per location.

  • Photos

    Use a photo of your location as the centerpiece of each page. This photo should be high quality and cohesive with the rest of your site. It should be a clear image that focuses on the part of your business that is relevant to the location. You also want to include the location details in the EXIF data of the image to further show search engines your local presence.

    For service area businesses, try taking a photo of a service vehicle with your business logo on it near a known landmark within each of your service locations.  You can also use EXIF data with these photos to show local presence.

  • Links to Other Pages on Your Site

    It is important to include links to other related content on your site. You can link to specific pages within your site from each location page, such as a link for related blogs or an events calendar.

  • An Engaging CTA

    Your CTA is what will entice the user to take an action after they have read through your page. Use a clear call-to-action that encourages the visitor to become a customer or take another action.

Get Help with Your SEO Location Page

As with any other aspect of SEO, creating an engaging location page is an ongoing process. You will need to keep updating and modifying the information on your page as new information becomes available. This also means that you’ll need to keep it fresh and engaging, so be sure to use all the tactics above to create an effective location page. Contact Connectica today to discuss how we can help with your SEO goals.

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