Infographics: Your Secret Weapon

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Infographics From A Search Engine Marketing Company

Studies have shown that most people will respond to a good graphic. While many people don’t like to read a lot of heavy text material online, a graphic that uses an interesting visual image, a chart or a diagram, in order to convey information, is a great way to push your business forward.

Data supports that very few text articles will be thoroughly and entirely read by an online audience. That is why it is important to use other types of tools online to help your business grow.

One effective tool is called an infographic. Infographics are a productive tool used by search engine marketing companies to promote and help expand businesses. An infographic can be used to educate and inform about a product or service, while simultaneously being used as a way to brand or identify a business.

The ultimate goal when creating an infographic is to create a graphic that is easy to share and that many people will want to share. The more your infographic is shared, the more you will maximize your reach.

When you are considering hiring an SEO company, ensure they are also skilled in the area of graphic design, like Connectica Inc. That way you will get the best of both worlds: a company who knows how to improve your online marketing and is also able to produce effective tools in order to improve your business.

Successful Infographics Are:

Visually Appealing — You want to make sure that your infographic pops. Try to avoid using a white background and use a variety of colors. Also, try to avoid having too much text on the infographic. Let the image, chart or diagram convey a good portion of the information. The words that are used on the infographic should carry meaning, as well as grab attention.

Accurate — Make sure that the information conveyed in the infographic is accurate and verified information. When possible, convey information from a variety of sources. It is important for the credibility of the business that all the information conveyed is factual, or else the infographic will not have a positive effect.

Simple — While you want to tell a visual story, you don’t want it to be too complicated. Viewers should understand the story without having to do too much reading of text. Keep the graphics and text simple.

How to Use Infographics Effectively:

Share on Social Media — One goal of a successful infographic is that it is easy to share on social media. While it should be simple for your business to share the infographic, it should also be shared with the goal of being repeatedly shared by users. Make it easy enough for your followers to do this, by adding buttons to pin it, tweet it, share it on Facebook, etc.

Post on Website — While it is important to always post your infographic on social media, make sure that your followers will also see it again when they check out your website.

Analyze — An SEO company like Connectica Inc., will be able to properly assess and analyze the details after you use an infographic. In order to make it useful for your business, and to know in what ways you can improve on its use in the future, the data needs to be properly evaluated. Knowing how many clicks and shares you received with an infographic will give you insight in how to use the next one.

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