Top Five Website Design Trends You Can Expect In 2020

Website Design Trends Of 2020

Website Design Trends

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The new year is around the corner and promises to bring resolutions, change, and revised goals. While many things are expected to change in the new year, there are certain things that are guaranteed to stay the same, one of which is that digital marketing will remain king.

With websites serving a variety of purposes including that of an information portal, online portfolio, and storytelling platform, it’s important that your business stands out from the rest.

One of the most effective ways to impress a potential client or partner is to have a slick, trendy and innovative website. Here are the top website design trends of 2020 that you can expect to see more of.

Top Five Website Design Trends 2020

Design and technology are constantly evolving, making it extra-important to have your finger on the pulse and be aware of new website design trends. Here’s what our experts expect to see more of in 2020.

1. Bold Use Of Color

What better way to stand out than have bold colors that evoke emotions?

In the past, website trends have gravitated towards being neutral and soft. By introducing bold, bright colors on your website, you ensure that your company stands out from the rest.

When choosing your color scheme, keep in mind the emotions that various colors evoke. Color psychology is a great asset when used effectively. For example, red creates induces an energetic mood, while pink introduces a romantic mood.

2. Micro and Mobile Animation

Animation is not completely new to web design. In the past couple of years, the likes of parallax and hover effects have grown in popularity. During 2020, it’ll be micro animations’ time to shine.

Micro animation refers to small, effective animations that are useful in guiding the user’s experience. Micro animation adds an exciting, playful element to your website, making it easier for the user to navigate your website.

In addition to micro designs, mobile animation will be accelerated so that mobile users can enjoy the same effects on mobile as they can on a desktop.

3. Minimalism (Flat Design)

The term ‘minimalism’ and ‘flat design’ are used interchangeably. While ‘white’ minimalism has always been a popular style in design, 2020 will be experimenting with color minimalism. This will maintain the open space design but replace the usual white areas with various colors.

4. Dynamic Illustrations – Smart Video

Similar to micro and mobile animation, dynamic illustrations are expected to be a big website trend in the upcoming year. Motion graphics add a great personality to your brand and encourage engagement with your audience. This can manifest in animated GIFS, custom illustrations, and smart videos.

Keep in mind that adding videos and animations to your website may decrease the loading time of your website, so make sure that you use good-quality, but compressed illustrations.

5. Organic Shapes

During 2020, the geometric shape trend of 2019 will be replaced by organic shapes. The term ‘organic shapes’ refers to fluid shapes that don’t involve straight lines. These shapes are particularly useful for breaking up various sections on a website in a soft, gentle way.

website design trends

Some Trends Don’t Change

While some trends stick around for longer than others, there are a few key website design trends that are timeless. These design trends are important when providing your audience with a great user experience.

Loading speed is one of these critical factors. Research indicates that 53% of people will leave a mobile site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. If you want to retain your user, then you need to make sure that your site loads quickly.

Another classic trend that won’t be dying out any time soon is ensuring that your website is mobile-first. The number of mobile online searches surpassed the number of online searches in 2015, and continue to increase. All websites should be designed with mobile accessibility in mind.

Other unchanging trends include the popular feature of chatbots which give users instant information and SSL security certificates which gives users peace of mind regarding the safety of your site.

Get Ahead Of The Trend

The new year is around the corner, and while you’re making personal resolutions pertaining to fitness and healthy living, why not commit to giving your website an overhaul?

At Connectica, we pride ourselves in producing customer satisfaction with effective and trendy website design. Contact us at 1-877-816-2259 to see how we can spruce up your website according to the leading trends of 2020.

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