Why Page Speed Matters For Mobile Ranking

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People want to get answers as quickly as possible when searching on the web. Slow websites can be frustrating. “Speed update” is the new ranking system Google will be implementing in July 2018. This update will apply to all mobile searches. Desktop searches already use page speed as a factor in ranking since 2010 but now it will be introduced to mobile ranking too. Mobile searches have become more prevalent as more and more people rely on their phones to acquire information. This is a move in the right direction for Google.

How Will Google’s Page Speed Update Work?

Only slow websites will be affected by this update. Mobile ranking will be determined based on a number of factors and not only page speed however, page speed will be given more priority than before. Content of the website will still take preference over page speed – if the webpage has good, original content, it can still be ranked high even though the webpage is slow.

Many people have expressed concern about the affects Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will have on their website rankings. However, Google has stated that all websites will be rated the same, regardless of the programs used to build the website. No website will have priority or an advantage over others based on the programs they have integrated into them.

This update does not just look to improve page speed. It looks to improve the overall experience of users when using web searches.

What Can I Do To Ensure That It Does Not Impact My Mobile Ranking?

Website owners still have a few more months to ensure that they aren’t affected by this new update. Google has suggested a few resources that will help you get ready for the shift. The resources mentioned include Chrome User Experience Report. This gives you user experience metrics for the more popular websites.

Another resource that was mentioned is Lighthouse – this resource automatically reviews site performance along with other quality metrics. PageSpeed Insights will show you how well your website is performing and make recommendations to improve performance. These resources will help you evaluate the performance of your website so that you can make the necessary changes to avoid being affected by the new mobile ranking.

Google advises that website owners should not just focus on the page speed of their web sites. They must focus on making the overall experience for users an enjoyable one. The mobile ranking of a website focuses on a number of different factors so it is important to make sure that all aspects are good quality.

How To Improve The User’s Experience Of Your Website

These tips will ensure that your ranking remains intact.

  1. Content – ensure that your website has creative content that is both relevant and exciting for the user to read.
  2. Industry Recognition – include the accolades of your business on your website – this will assure your users that your website and business is trustworthy – it is important to list your services clearly so you do not confuse the user.
  3. Website Navigation – ensure that users are able to easily navigate around your website. Try to avoid pop-ups as these can be quite annoying for users. Make the information on your website easy to find and don’t make it too complicated to get relevant information from your website. Users don’t want to struggle to find the information they are looking for. They might leave your website and this could affect your bounce rate.
  4. Website Loading Time – try to decrease the loading time of your web pages – installing AMP will help with this and also using images that are compressed.

If you would like help making sure your website is complying with Google’s updates let the team a Connectica do a website analysis for you. successful website.

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