Want To Boost Online Sales? Don’t Miss These 5 Tips

5 Tips For Boosting Online Sales

Boosting Online Sales

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People aren’t buying how they used to. Online sales are growing rapidly, and people are making most of their purchase decisions on Google. With a growing amount of businesses competing for online sales space, you can’t afford to be left behind. Here are 5 top tips to help boost your online sales.

1. Use Social Proof

People love to be a part of something big. They want to know that what they are buying is something that’s been accepted by their peers. Incorporating some social proof tactics can go a long way to help boost your sales. The biggest way to do this is by using product reviews. According to the consumerist.com, around 70% of consumers rely on product reviews when making a purchase. Product reviews shouldn’t be a generic repeat of the manufacturers claims and descriptions. They should be reputable and informative, adding value to the product or service. Another social proofing tactic is to make use of polls. For instance, a poll could say that 90% of customers are pleased with their purchase. This instills confidence in the consumer that what they are buying have been backed up by others. You can also make use of surveys to build social proof.

2. Build Trust and Commitment

Trust matters in business. There’s no way around it. Consumers want to know that the information on your webpage is credible. They want to know that promises made about a product or service can actually be followed through on. One or two trust breeches, and your consumers may very well start avoiding your product or service. Ways to build trust can include areas such as, responding to customers, admitting mistakes, remaining transparent, as well as citing sources to give credit where it’s due. Consumers also need to know that you’re committed to what you’re selling. Commitment can be expressed by offering a free try out, or a newsletter sign-up option. This helps to show that you have confidence in what you’re selling. Another way to do this is to have a solid returns and refund policy so clients know that they have a way out if the product or service doesn’t work out. Search Engine Optimization is another important way to build credibility, and it helps to ensure that your content is relevant and not misleading.

3. Free Offers

People love free things. In fact, if people just see the word ‘free’ on your website, they will often stop what they’re searching for and rather explore your offer. This has to do with the perceived saving that the consumer makes. They end up feeling as if they have scored a deal on their purchase. One great way to do this is to offer free shipping. This way consumers know that they need to spend a certain amount in order to receive the free shipping. This will help to boost the size of your sales transactions as people will often buy more to make sure that they qualify for the free shipping. Another tactic is to throw in a free gift if a certain product is purchased or a certain sale value is reached.

4. Incorporate Product Videos

As great as product photos are, product videos are even more effective. Incorporating product videos can drastically increase the likelihood of a purchase off of your webpage. The idea here is to focus product videos on your best sellers in order to increase their sales even more. Videos shouldn’t only be confined to your webpage or to YouTube but should also be included in your emails. This way people will be more likely to spend more time interacting with your email. Product videos are a great way to help keep people on your website for longer. Although you don’t need a big budget to make these videos, you want to ensure that they have a professional edge to them to help convince your customers.

5. Nurture Cart Abandoners

Cart abandonment is costing the eCommerce industry huge amounts of revenue each year. You may very well have abandoned an online cart recently yourself. Cart recovery mailers can go a long way to help to recover many of these lost carts. Many companies are making use of a single cart recovery email, but the truth is that many additional carts are generally recovered by sending out 3 recovery emails as opposed to just one. People need to be reminded and nurtured in order to reach the point of a sale.

At Connectica, one of our expertise is website design. We can help to implement all of the above tips as well as many others in order to help boost your online sales. You can’t afford to not be on the cutting edge of website strategy and design. Choose to increase your website’s interaction and appeal and watch your sales grow.

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