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Tangential Content Creation Guide

Tangential Content Creation

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Content creation has been dubbed the ultimate inbound marketing practice. It gives companies the chance to connect with their audience, build trust, and ascertain authority in their field.

This is significantly easier to do when content relating to your niche is captivating, current, and “juicy.” But what happens when your industry of expertise is not all that interesting, or you want to avoid being blatantly obvious about the sell, opting for a more authentic approach? In these cases, tangential content creation is the perfect solution.

Understanding Tangential Content Creation

The term “tangential content creation” refers to content that is drafted to be relatable to a topic, but not directly about the brand it represents. In other words, this content is focused on a topic within an industry but not specifically about a brand’s products or services.

There are various instances where tangential content can help a brand relate to their audience. Some occasions when this type of content is typically used include:

  • To achieve greater outreach and a higher chance of link-building which is great for SEO and PR.

  • Reach a wider audience in a relatable way which is particularly useful for companies involved a more “boring” niche.

  • An easier way to generate an emotional response by approaching emotive topics in a more appropriate way.

  • An attempt to broaden a brand’s repertoire of content in a fresh way.

The Benefits of Tangential Content

Online marketing plays a large role in customer service and tangential content is a powerful tool. There are several benefits of it, such as achieving up to 30% more media mentions and 77% more social shares.

By making your content more appealing to a wider range of audiences, your online mentions, shares, and engagements increase as they relate to more people.

From a practical point of view, it becomes easier to create content as your topics are not limited to only your products and services but rather all related areas. This allows your brand to cover current events, news, and trending topics that have a relationship with your industry, thereby making your brand relevant, current, and applicable.

Tangential Content Creation

The Success of Tangential Content

When content is created in a lateral manner, it is easier to evoke an emotional response from the audience, an important factor for going viral and building a relationship. It is also shown that quality content with a broad appeal increases the number of backlinks and establishes your brand as a thought leader.

Probably one of the most rewarding aspects of tangential content is that it will reignite a passion within you for your own brand and content by adding a breath of fresh air to your online marketing strategy.

Getting Started with Tangential Content Creation

So, how do you kick start your tangential content strategy? At Connectica, we pride ourselves with a content team that is experienced in both SEO techniques and content creation strategy, including tangential content.

The first step in creating effective tangential content is to know your audience and buyer personas. Your initial assumption can be statistically supported and expanded based on social media insights and by testing concepts on various social platforms.

In this way, social media marketing and tangential content creation go hand-in-hand to produce effective, relevant and valuable content for your audience.

Closing Thoughts

While branded content is great, it is an obvious attempt at a sell and can lose the personal touch when trying to connect with an audience. Instead, tangential content allows brands to remain relevant, interesting and personal.

If you find yourself struggling to expand on your current content bank, whether it be because of your niche industry or because your business is not particularly interesting to the public, give us a call at 1-877-816-2259 and let’s chat about how we can boost your brand’s content strategy.

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