New Facebook Pages Experience Meets Social Media Management

How Facebook’s New Pages Experience Affects Social Media Management

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In January of 2021, Facebook officially rolled out a new Pages experience model that is supposed to remedy a lot of clunky user experience issues. Social media management professionals will want to note the following changes to figure out how the update affects their strategies.

What Is Facebook’s Updated Pages Experience?

Facebook advertises its new Pages experience as a more streamlined way for businesses and professionals to manage their accounts and connect with their targeted audiences. Below, we discuss some of Facebook’s visual and technical changes. These tips can go a long way to optimizing your social media management strategy.

Visual Redesign

The new look of Pages is supposed to make it easier and faster for audience members to access important information about a page. It’s also supposed to be simpler for people to toggle between personal profiles and professional public pages. This is an important plus for social media management professionals who might be managing multiple pages at a time.

News Feed

A dedicated News Feed feature is being introduced to Pages.

The News Feed is separate from your profile itself. You can follow brands, public figures, and other profiles that curates a News Feed relevant to you. This will help you stay up to date in your field of interest. You can join conversations, monitor trends, and interact with fans through the new News Feed. Administrators can view the News Feed that you create depending on the access features they have.

Removing Likes

Facebook has decided to remove a page’s likes to instead focus on followers. Facebook says it gives a better representation of the audience. This is an important change to pay attention to. Now, when updating to the new Pages, those who just like a page rather than following it will be removed. When it comes to marketing your Facebook page, check out how to do SEO on Facebook.

More Specific Page Management Tools

Now administrators can select specific features that other moderators of the page can have access to.

For instance, you can grant other moderators’ permission to manage ads, community activity, and content. Conversely, you can turn one or all of those functions off. You can do this with every moderator who you add to the page. This prevents people from intervening in areas that they shouldn’t. Additionally, it assigns people more specific roles improves overall account safety. Although different from the classic Pages experience, this specificity and clarification of roles is helpful for social media management.

Greater Visibility Of Verified Accounts

To improve security and cut down on hate speech, impersonation, and spam content, Facebook will be increasing how visible the verified badge appears to users.

The goal of this is to make it easier to identify what content is real and produced by valid platforms. A verified page’s comments may also appear higher in comments sections. This greater emphasis on the verified badge may incite social media managers to go through the steps of fleshing out the account and requesting that badge if their account does not already have it.

Posting credible and informative content may also be a social media management implication. Moreover, doing so also aligns with Facebook’s goals of limiting fake news and promoting legitimate accounts.

What Stays The Same And What Doesn’t?

While the update brings an array of changes, many things will stay the same once. Followers, verification, and account administrators will all transfer over. You will also still have access to account linking, monetization, and viewing insights when you update to the new Pages version. Facebook is supposed to be working on enabling moderators to schedule posts or cross-post on the new Pages. However, for now, social media management professionals must do that using tools such as Facebook’s Creator Suite or Business Suite.

As mentioned above, those who like a page but do not follow it will not be carried over with the new version. The implications for social media management may include attempting to convert those who like a page to full-fledged followers through outreach. Additionally, previous roles such as editors, moderators, or analysts will not carry over. However, you can adjust who can access what features of the account through Facebook access and task access. Social media management will have to work closely with other members of the business in order to customize access for each person who is supposed to moderate the page in some way.

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